Sunday, 31 August 2014

Japan Photo Diary - Day 5 (Lavender Farms)


Crochet top: unbranded (ASOS similar + Nasty Gal similar + Bank Fashion similar)
Bralet (inside): unbranded (American Eagle similar + Motel Rocks similar + Topshop similar)
Culottes: ASOS
Backpack: Boohoo (Debenhams similar)
Sunglasses: eBay
Sneakers: unbranded (Converse similar + Missguided similar + Vans similar)

  We were going to the Lavender Farms today so I thought I'd be smart and wear my lavendar/lilac culottes from ASOS and pair it with my floral crochet top - heheh, see what I did there? :P Anyway, this has to be one of my favourite outfits of the entire trip because there is just something about that combination that I love. I actually bought that crochet top to be a summer swimsuit cover up, but I quite like wearing it this way, with a black bralet inside. But, I could always turn this look from girly to edgy with a neon yellow/pink bralet instead perhaps? Hmmm, inspiration for my next outfit post! Again, ASOS culottes = most comfiest thing, hands down.

Day 5

  This is definitely my second favourite day (check back to see which was my favourite dayyyy) because we were going to the Lavender Farms in Hokkaido! After a 2 hour bus ride from the city center, we arrived at an incredibly picturesque area that look like they belong on postcards #nofilter. Think surrounded flowers of every colour imaginable arranged in rows with clear blue skies, mountains in the distance...I kid you not, there were heart eyed emojis everywhere. This place was incredibly beautiful...I shall let the pictures do the talking ;) But just imagine taking wedding photos in this area - amazing. Around the area, apart from souvenir shops selling lavender scented everything i.e soaps, perfumes, incense, candles etc, there were also lavender flavoured ice cream and soda - which were pretty cool. Never thought lavender had a taste eh? I was rather skeptical on how the lavender flavoured ice cream would taste like but it actually tasted quite good although I can't pinpoint exactly what the taste is...but it was yummy. And so was the lavender soda! Definitely a day I won't forget.

  After visiting the lavender farms, we had an not so smart idea to walk all the way back to the bus stop...let's just say that it was further than anticipated. But the amazing scenery around us made the long walk so much more bearable. On the way back, we stopped by the Furano winery and although it was kinda disappointing not to be able to see how they actually made the wine, we were able to sample the different kinds of wine and ended up buying wine flavoured jelly and jam. They were delicious :D

  These are no doubt one of my favourite set of pictures from the entire Japan trip so I hope you enjoy them too! Today I leave you with a collection of nature/scenic picture that you can't find in the city! God I love this place.

  By the way, these photos have no editing whatsoever...and I took them with my iPhone! Natural beauty at its best.

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