Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wishlist #27 // Summer Lovin'

I haven't made a wishlist in agessss...but now that summer is (almost) truly upon us, I thought I'd share some of my favourite pieces from Persunmall that will transform your summer wardrobe!

1. Floral Cami Maxi Dress - US$29.99 // GBP£17.87

My favourite item in my entire wishlist. Everyone needs a good maxi dress for summer. Not only do they require no effort, but they can be elegant, classy or casual depending on your style/mood! Definitely a wardrobe-must in my books.

2. Palm Print Off-shoulder Dress - US$27.99 // GBP£16.67

This dress reminds me of something you'd find in Motel Rocks! One of those off shoulder dresses that exudes a hint of sexiness ;) ;) Heheh, I love the contrast of the pink palm prints on the black and this skater style plus the off-shoulder can look great on anyone!

3. Bird & Flowers Kimono - US$26.99 // GBP£16.08

Summer is basically a code word for kimono season and this is probably one of the most unique ones you'll find. The bird and flower detailing just screams summer and you can throw this over any plain outfit for a bit of oomph  (hahah, I like that word.)

4. Floral Chiffon Blouse - US$20.99 // GBP£12.50

Look at that and tell me is it not the most gorgeous top you've seen?! The loose floral style means it's perfect for keeping cool. Wear it unbuttoned as a layering tool, as a cover up, or a fancy top...possibilities = endless. 

5. Flower Printed High Waist Shorts - US$21.99 // GBP£13.10

These are definitely not your ordinary pair of denim shorts. The little white floral/daisy prints are such a cute touch and the fact that it's high waisted makes it a double winner. Pair this with a crop top and you're good to go!

6. Sunflower Print Denim Skirt - US$24.99 // £14.89

I remember when this print (and perhaps this exact skirt) was all the rage and everyone (including myself) wanted it! But if the huge American Apparel price tag has been putting you off, Persunmall has this for a fraction of the price - did I hear someone say bargain? If you're not a skirt person, Persunmall also has the exact same print in shorts form for slightly cheaper.

What's your favourite pick this summer?

Still on grad trip - see my sand, sea, sun snaps hereeeee

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

What's In My Bag?

When Erin from Credit Card Insider contacted me to take part in their 'What's in your Purse?' campaign, I decided that this would be a fun thing to blog about because I haven't done one like it on this blog yet! So if you're nosy...take a look (:

When it comes to daily things in my bag, I like to keep it simple and light. Mainly because I hate carrying heavy bags and then having to fiddle around for what I want. This red and brown bag was a gift from my Mum one Christmas (I believe...). I like it because it's just the right size to put all my essentials without having to rummage through a large bag. The colours are also neutral which means it goes with almost anything. Without further ado, here are my 'must have' items in my daily bag:

1. EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit
I hate hate hate chapped & dry lips so this not only smells great but hydrates them!

2. Revlon lip butter in Berry Smoothie
To make me feel more alive and awake when...I'm clearly not :P I love the sheer berry wash of colour it gives to make it look more natural and not over-powering. Perfect for the summer days too!

3. House keys
Well I need to be able to get home some time right? I painted mine with nail polish (tutorial soon!) and attached a small teddy bear that the boyfriend won at the arcade so I can find/identify it easier. 

4. Glasses
I can see fine without glasses, but since I'm short sighted, I may need my glasses when having to read menus, signs, I have them just in case (:

5. Wallet
My wallet looks rather worn out...but that's because I got it for my 13th birthday (?) from one of my friends and I've been using it ever since! In it, I keep my various cards and money (obviously) and other bits and pieces such as receipts and tickets that I really should take out but don't...

6. iPhone
What would I do without my life line/source of entertainment/method of communication? This goes everywhere with me and is definitely a must in my bag. I may do a post about the apps and shiz I've got on it so watch out for that!


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Note: This is a scheduled post as I'm still on my graduation trip! Want to see pictures? My instagram is where it's at ;)
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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Graduation & Formal - end of high school #classof2014

By the time this post is published, I'm probably in the beach somewhere with my year group for the grad trip! (To see #instadaily pictures and sun, sea & sand, follow me on instagram!) On Saturday, it was my graduation ceremony & formal and so I thought I'd share a few pictures. Of course, I have more on my instagram hereeee

Family picture!

After the ceremony in the morning, it was time for the formal at night! I've been looking forward for this for ages. We didn't exactly have a was originally The Great Gatsby to honour the book that most of us had to painstakingly analyse for our IGCSE years but somehow that got discarded along the way... :( :( :(

My outfit for the night, a bodycon, one shoulder maxi dress from Boohoo. I wanted something simple, classy and inexpensive so I can wear it over and over again and not just for one night. I especially liked the navy blue material and how the material seems glittery...but not quite. Best part? It was only £10!!!! I opt for this particular design because the one shoulder breaks up my broader shoulders and since it's bodycon, it makes it look like I actually have curves :P Oh and, the cut of this dress makes me look wayyy taller than I actually am. (double win.)

I paired this with nude-ish heels from ASOS, a simple black clutch from Bonita and chandelier statement earrings that I received from my sister for my birthday (post here).

For nails, I originally planned on each black nails...but then decided that was too boring so I layered it with bright blue glitter bits to compliment the dress!

From L-R: Michelle, Cheryl and myself (:

Full body picture - taken from Instagram

The event was everything I could've hoped for! Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous all glammed up in their dresses and guys in was a pretty amazing sight. The food was great, decorations were simple but sufficient and my favourite thing - the photobooth! Also, the teachers treated us to a lip syncing competition between themselves which is always entertaining to watch :P

For all those that are still taking their exams, wishing you all the best of luck! The end is almost there!

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Through The Lens #7

Haven't done these kinds of posts in a while...because I've always been lazy to transfer pictures from my old phone to the computer...but now that I've got an iPhone (post here) life is suddenly so much easier cause not only is the picture quality miles better, but I've got Instagram! (@yueykabuey - if you want to keep up with my musings)

This week has been a week of loads of firsts as well as the end of a chapter and the start of another. 

21/05/14 - Parents' 20th Anniversary // The view from up here // Dessert bars at buffets are my fave

 #ootd for dinner: skirt from boohoo; top from river island // nothing beats a good book & a cosy bed // curly hair, don't care (post here)

Lovely pieces of jewelry from a lovely aunt in NZ // Graduation, here I come // Ceremony attire sans gown & cap

I've graduated high school! #classof2014 // with the sisters // #ootd for formal : dress from boohoo; heels from asos; bag from bonita

'twas an amazing night with great people - here's to more memories waiting to be made; dress from boohoo

On another note, heading to grad trip on Monday! I've scheduled a few posts but please bear with me if comments aren't replied as quickly. If you'd like to see live updates/pictures of my trip, follow me on Instagram (@yueykabuey) 

Want to win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas & watch Britney Spears live? Simply enter here. Prize also includes return flights, limousine transfers, 5 nights at a 5* hotel AND 5 dresses of your choice!

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