Thursday, 1 May 2014

Goodbye April, Hello May

Cue the rambles about how fast time has pass...


This month was not bad at all. Easter break was great, although the procrastinating on revision part...maybe not so great... :P The 25th of April also happened to be my last official full day at school before we Sixth Formers go on study leave and indulge in the woes of revision and exams - what fun. 
We were allowed to come into school dressed up as characters with the theme 'Heroes & Villians' but really, everyone dressed as whatever they wanted :P I came as Mulan (sort of...) but the costumes array was incredible! We had Mozart (wig and all), Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Nemo, Powerpuff Girls, Maleficient, Ghostbusters trio, Wednesday Addams...just to name a few. I was surprised about my lack of emotion (read: no crying) because for 13 years, that was the place where I religiously went every weekday, made friends and experienced the whole school experience. That place was my second home and practically made me who I am today...maybe my inner self was just saving the waterworks for Graduation...

What I hope May will bring

I already know that May is going to be a bittersweet month. 
The first 3 weeks will be nothing but hardcore revision, final IB exams which are super duper important because they determine whether I get into my university of choice and which amazingly (not) coincides with my birthday (joining the 18 years of age, somewhat adult gang) ! I have 3 papers that day - what fun. But after that 3 hell of a week, I'll be finally done with school. It'll be graduation, formal (which I'm really looking forward to, got my dress planned out and everything :P) and what I'm most looking forward to is the week long Graduation Trip to the beach, sans teachers and completely planned by us. Seriously, that's the only thing that's keeping me going and stopping me from ripping up my revision notes (very unwise) or going insane.
So...yea, a foreseen bittersweet month this will be indeed. 

Outfits of April 2014

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