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Impulse Purchases: Guilty As Charged

When Jessica from Raise.com asked me to write a blog post about impulse purchases and ways to shop a sale, I thought it'd be really interesting and fun!
Let's face it, we all have items hanging in our closet or lying around the house that are essentially impulse buys. aka things you bought in the spur of the moment without much thought/reflection and then when you get home you think, "Hmmm...maybe I wouldn't wear this as often as I thought I would..."

Here are some of common impulse buys enablers:
1. Flash Sales

Caged Dress - Romwe

In my opinion, they're one of the deadliest, almost as bad as the 'limited edition' tag! The fact that it's about 40% cheaper than usual only for a limited amount of time makes the item all the more desirable - there's no better time than to get it now & you might regret not getting it if the price rises or if it runs out!
Sadly, this Romwe dress was the victim of such. During Valentine's season, this gorgeous caged dress that I've seen on loads of bloggers and which I've coveted from a far was reduced from $37.99 to only $11.29 on that particular day...and there was a limited amount in stock! Of course, I took it as fate and bought it without a second thought. Although this dress is gorgeous, the amount of times I"ll get to wear such dress is slim...

2.  eBay
The black hole of all impulse buys, sucking you in with their super duper crazy cheap prices that you rarely think twice before purchasing it, despite not totally love it because hey, it's only x amount so no harm done right? It's not until you add up the amount of money you've spent on those 'crazy bargains' that you realise that the damage is not as low as you think...

3. "I don't have anything like this" / "You never know when you will need it in the future"

Denim Skirt - Orange Sorbet

Hahah, I use this argument a lot. I convince myself that I should get something because well, I don't have anything like it in my closet and you never know when you might need it in the future. After all, better to be prepared for those 'in case' moments right? Because of such thinking, I often buy things that I don't normally wear, or usually doesn't suit me...like this denim mini skirt. 
Denim mini skirts do not do anything for my shape whatsoever, but I still got this one in the hopes that one day it might or if I might need it in the near future. Well, it's been about 3 years and I've only worn it once.. :/

4. Dupes

You see something at an expensive store and then, you saw something similar, but for a fraction of the price. In your mind, there is no hesitation - you've got to get it! But if the quality is on par with the low price or if you won't wear it as often...you're better off not getting it. 
I saw a very similar dress in Forever 21 and really wanted to get it. I would have if it wasn't for the price tag. A few weeks later, I saw a super duper similar one that it was probably a dupe at a much lower price. Naturally, I bought it. However, that dress was 2 sizes too big and the elastic is not great quality so... :/

Tips: Preventing impulse buys

1. How often will you wear it?
It's all good and well that the item has a more favourable price tag, but if you don't envision yourself wearing it in the near future, the cost per wear is not worth it! Don't just leave it at the back of your closet! This is especially true for more crazy, unique items with very loud prints that you normally wouldn't like to be caught out with, sky-high heels that are only made to be look at, not worn or formal/prom dresses where the chances are, you'll only wear it once or twice despite it being the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.

2. Does it fit right?
Sizing is everything. Don't buy a pair of jeans that are 2 sizes two big even if they're at a reduced price because you may be paying even more to get it tailored. Also, if it doesn't fit right - chances are, you won't wear it again!

3. What can you pair it with?
Before I get anything, I always skim through my closet in my mind to see the combinations that an item can be paired with with things already in my closet. No point getting that only to spend money on getting something else to match! 

4. Time is Galleons
For those of you that do not know, Galleons is a form of currency in the Wizarding world of Harry Potter - sorry, had to include it.
Never go shopping when you're pressed for time because that's when the most impulse buys occur! When the clock's ticking and time's running out, you don't think as rationally as you probably should and purchase it, only to get home and realise you don't love it as much as you did. My tip is to go home and give it a few hours/days to think about it, especially if it's an online shop. If you still really want it, then go for it.

5. Shop in the present

Dress - Nichii

Things change, trends change, your style and preferences change. Unless it's a super basic, fool-proof item such as jumpers, don't buy for the future or those "I might need it so I'll get this just in case"moments. You never know when your style might change and the item that you once thought was very 'you' and cool...is not anymore.
I debating whether I should get that dress because the print is quite unusual which meant I wouldn't really wear it that often...but then I remembered thinking, "I could wear this for a garden party!" And thus, it went in my closer *facepalm* Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous dress and I still love it to bits, but I don't wear it as often as I thought I would.

6. Be smart when choosing shopping buddies

Sometimes, it may not be entirely your fault, but the people that you shop with. After all, as humans, we often listen to other people's opinions and can be easily swayed by it. They might convince you that it looks really good even you're a bit unsure about the cut/style and how it hangs on your body. In the end, you end up spending $$ on something that may not be 100% what you want.
This 'mini-cardigan' was bought via my mum's influence. I don't really wear things like these...but my mum convinced me it looked great & that I would wear it. Yea...nope... :/

Of course, treating yourself to a more expensive item or that super unique piece is completely fine once in a while, but don't let impulse purchases become a habit or you'll find that you end up with a closet full of clothes that may have been bargains, but you rarely wear!

Do you have any impulse purchases yourself? 
What are some of your tips for resisting impulse buys?

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