Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bargain eBay Sunglasses

Since I showed you some of my Harry Potter Gems that I found on eBay last week and it got a positive response! So here's the result of another 'trailing through eBay' excursion :P

It's spring...the temperature is warming up and the Sun is starting to come out...which means that the one thing that one must stock up on are sunglasses. Not only do they keep the glaring sun rays out from your eyes, but they make you look insanely chic as well - prior to this, I own 3 pairs ;)
But of course, you don't have to spend an exuberant amount! Not when you have eBay on your side ;) Here are some bargains that I found!

Pink Sunglasses£2.09 / US$3.51

Pastel colours this spring aren't just limited to clothing. Why not wear them on your sunglasses too! I'm a sucker for pink so this pastel/baby pink shade immediately caught my eye. I love that it's slightly rounded and has gold accents - especially the arrows at the front!

Floral Sunglasses - £2.08 / US$3.50

My sister actually got these for herself but I had to feature them!
Florals. Another major print for spring. I'd quote Miranda Priestly from 'The Devil Wears Prada' but I've read that wayyy too many times :P (Now that I'm writing this, I think I'll go watch the movie later :D)
I love love love that the floral pattern is subtle and almost has a translucent stain glass effect, giving it a vintage vibe

Here you can see the size - yes, it does take up like half my face but that's because I've got a small one! My only peeve is that it won't sit properly and keeps sliding down! Of course, I'm blaming my small head for this one. D: Although the description says that it has good anti-UV function, at that price, I would take that with a pinch of salt. 

Have you bought any sunglasses lately? Which is your favourite pair?
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