Thursday, 10 April 2014

Wishlist #26 // Walking on Sunshine

When it's spring/summer, I like to go for something a little more comfortable and low-heeled. After all, how are you going to run around in the grass, walk along the beach or catch butterflies if you're wearing sky high heels? 

The solution? Flats all the way. They come in different quirky designs that there's sure to be one that appeals to you!
The floral pattern on Number 1 is another way you can wear incorporate florals into your wardrobe this spring - doesn't that print just make you want to prance around in gardens?! For Number 2, I love the quilted texture because although it's subtle, it gives it a little something more than just a plain pair of flats. Number 4 is something that is a bit more 'out there' for me and slightly different, but hey, you never know unless you try it right? It also comes in blush pink and black, but there's nothing better than neon to add a pop of colour! Another shout out to Number 5 because the print just makes me want to go on a beach

Of course, if there's a more special occasion and I want a bit of glam and height, I turn to wedges or a chunkier heel as they offer more support and comfort! These would be gorgeous paired to maxi dress/skirts.

I'm sure you can sense a recurring colour palette here...blush/nude pink. A lovely pastel shade for spring! My Top 3 within these would have to be the studded detailing on Number 1 as it gives it more of the edge to balance out the neutral feminine colour, Number 4 because hey, you can't go wrong with a bit of colour blocking action and Number 5 simply because it's simple and a gorgeous baby blue shade!

What's your to-go shoes this spring/summer?

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