Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My Spring Break (...sort of)

If you've seen my constant moans on Twitter, you already know this but, I present to you...what I've been doing during my Spring/Easter break. Sitting at home in my new favourite £6 cropped hoodie from Boohoo (which I featured in my March haul) in an AC room makes revision all the more bearable. It's literally the most comfiest, cosiest thing I own that I can't resist showing it off! Oh and because I needed an excuse to take a break from cramming in Chemistry equations and Economics diagrams into my brain. 
Yes, that is what my spring break consisted of. Solitary confinement - thanks to the exams that's in a month. #studentlife

Nothing entices me out of bed than a bowl of my favourite cereal. Why? Because it has chocolate bits in it. Yepp, that cereal company got it spot on.

My incentives to get me through the day. 

Revision notes. Also known as, 'things I'm going to burn after the exams'. 
Hahah, I'm just kidding...or am I?

When I'm bored or in one of my self-given 'breaks' I decide to give my nails a bit of colour. I actually quite like the subtle glitter tips as it reminds me of a mermaid's tail! Oh summer, why aren't you here already?!

Today was quite an overcast, cloudy, 'I'm going to rain, but not' kind of day...perhaps it reflects the lack of motivation and willpower that I have? It's nature's sign.

And here, is a GIF(t) from me to youuu ;)
(hehe, geddit? I'm just full of puns today :P)

What did you do in your spring break? 
Hope it's wayyy more interesting than mine at least!

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