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March Haul ft. ASOS, Boohoo, Persunmall...and more!

So you may recall that I put myself on a spending ban, but in my defence, these were items that I purchased before and just arrived :D

Flower Print Coat - c/o Persunmall (US$28.99) // Aimee Cropped Loopback Hood - Boohoo (£6)

I think I'll start with my two favourite purchases. I've always wanted a floral bomber jacket and was really pleased when I received one from the people at Persunmall (thank you!) The label on the collar actually says 'Zara Basic' so perhaps its a dupe, inspired piece or excess from the warehouse...I'm not sure, but either way, the quality is amazing and the sleeves is slightly cuffed at the ends for a tighter fit. This would be great over anything really - dresses, to add more colour to a neutral tee and jeans...anything. At this time of year, floral prints are all the rage. Love love this. 

My hoodie from Boohoo is another one that I really like. I got a Size M which is actually too big for me, but I do like the oversized feel. It has a batwing effect and is actually cropped which is great for lazy days. Oh and it also has a hood and is probably the most warmest, cosiest and comfiest thing I won. This is what I've been wearing everyday whilst I'm revising for my big exams that's in a month (well, whenever it's not in the wash of course). Makes revision all the more bearable. And at that's rare.

Catalina Off Shoulder Dress in Black & White Paisley - eBay (originally from Motel Rocks) //  White Dress - in a blog sale (originally from Missguided)

 One man's trash is another man's treasure. Sometimes, it's great what you can find on eBay or at blog sales! This dress on the right is actually from Motel Rocks, but I won it in an auction on eBay for just £2 (including P&P) I've always loved Motel Rocks' apparel, but just can never justify the price so you can imagine how ecstatic I was :P This dress fits me very well, and is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely another favourite purchase for sure! You can get it on the website for £38 in either black & white or a pretty sky blue.

I bought the white dress from Kim @ Sweet Monday's blog sale for £7 (including P&P) I must say that this looked better on her. For one, I forgot to calculate just how petite I am so this dress ends up at an awkward just a tad below the knee length and although I love the flow of the dress, the lace cut out sleeves which I thought was going to look quite loose and baggy on me. As a result, it somewhat resembles a maternity dress. It looks a bit better with a belt to cinch the waist but I think I'll still have to figure it out...

Again, I forgot to account for my lack of height that this dress just doesn't look quite right on me...It looks gorgeous on the model, the print is great but...hmmm...I should really learn my lesson and only shop for dresses in the Petite section or get it hemmed. -.- This time though, I might give it to my slightly taller younger sister...

I saw loads of bloggers featuring this and I really liked it due to its unique cut out neckline - how gorgeous is that! Yea...I'm a sucker for cut outs :P Due to their Valentine's Day promotion, this was reduced to US$11.29 but you can still get it on the site here for US$37.99. I got it in a Size S and again, overestimated my size so it is a little loose at the chest area (I should really stop doing that)  but nothing I don't think a few bobby pins can't fix...hopefully (: The length for me is perfect so I think for those taller girls out there, this dress might work better as a top.

Alisa Lurex Cullottes - Boohoo (£8)  // Lacy Polka Dot Flippy Shorts - Boohoo (£8)

I've been loving cullottes lately because they come in so many prints, easy to wear and just super comfortable. This pair is no exception. The material makes it look glittery and expensive-like which means I can dress it up! It looks super flattering on, very flowy, stretchy comfy, looks like a skirt and the list goes on...I just love it!

I figured I needed something more than just plain denim shorts in my wardrobe so since I was loving polka dots...these shorts were perfect. They have a slight retro vibe and are made out of super lightweight material, making it very comfy. I would prefer this to have an elasticated waist because although I got this in a Size 8, it's still relatively large on my waist and hence, doesn't sit as 'high waisted' as I want it to be. But I guess it'll be fixed with a belt.

Floral Kimono - eBay (originally Primark)

Got this for £5.64 (including P&P) which is not that bad I guess. I don't own a kimono so this is a first! Got this mainly for my Japan trip in summer. It'll be hot so this would be a great thin cover up if I need it. Also, I'm loving the floral prints - very oriental :D

Denim Look Bralet - eBay (originally Topshop)

Got this for £4.04 (including P&P) cause I've always wanted a denim bralet to pair with high waisted bottoms. I quite like the zip down the center, making it easier to put on and I can't wait to pair it!

The picture doesn't do this skirt justice because it's really gorgeous on! I love that the material is velvet, giving it a very high-end, luxe feel and the deep purple colour is just amazing. I think this can dress any casual top up! The particular shade is sold out on the website, but you can get the exact same thing in Burgundy here for only £4.99!

Maxi Skirt - Vero Moda via ASOS (£6)

Being petite, I find that maxi things really give the illusion of height (yayyy!) so I got a basic black maxi skirt. One which everyone should have. It has two splits on the sides and a mini slip underneath. Although the waist is a little big (surprise, surprise), a belt works just fine. All in all, I really like this skirt - especially paired with crop tops :D

I don't think ASOS stocks Primark anymore but I'm not sure why...As you can see from the cuffed jeans, I have to roll them out quite a little bit. These jeans are really super soft as the name suggests and actually quite comfy! Of course the material is relatively thinner than other denim I've tried...but I"m not too fussed about that.

Luisa Aztec Tassel Duffel Bag - Boohoo (£12) // Mandy Striped Rucksack - Boohoo (£4.50)

I loved the aztec print, the tassels and just everything about the design of this bag. Doesn't it just scream 'music festival' to you?

For the rucksack, I'm going to Japan for summer vacation and thought I'd quite like a rucksack that's easy to carry around and big enough to carry my everyday essentials. When I saw that it was £4.50, let's just say there was no hesitations :P


Overall, it was a mixed haul, although I did like most of the things! Yes, I did quite a bit of damage (oops...) and although I always say this, I'm going to try my hardest to cut down on my spending... 
Did you pick up anything great lately?

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  1. I love the kimono and the cut out smock dress, I really want to try those trends so I'll probably keep an eye out for them the next time I go shopping!

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