Tuesday, 20 May 2014

18th Birthday - What I Received

Apologies that this is super duper overdue - seeing as my birthday was 2 weeks ago. However, I just finished my last exam of high school ever (mini dance party) so I've just got round to taking these pictures. Also, there are tons of exciting things happening in the upcoming days so this space will be updated regularly!

Birthday parties in my house was never really a big deal. In fact, the last birthday 'party' I had was probably by 12th :P Especially since this year, it fell on exam week so...I actually had to still revise. Nevertheless, I got some really lovely things from my family that I'd really like to share! If these kinds of posts aren't your cup of tea...feel free to exit (:

From my aunt I received a nice body/wash package thing with skincare & body items! I must say that the floral printed heart shaped box is one of the nicest packaging I've ever come across...ever...and it just looks so sweet! Is it wrong that I like packaging so much? :P

From my youngest sister, I received a bunch of yummy goodies which is perfect for me because I've got the biggest sweet tooth on earth and those were perfect for the times I needed a bit of sugar rush when revision gets a bit tedious. I actually took these the day I got them because knowing me...I would probably finish them by the time this post is published...and I was right! All that's left now is the Snickers bar :P Also, did you know that they had Fudge Brownie flavoured Goldfish?! I certainly didn't...but I'm not complaining, those were good :P

She also got me a lovely sweater with a planet on it. I didn't realise that the things hanging down were astronauts until I looked closer! You can actually get the exact same sweater here!

My other younger sister got me a bunch of little things that was wrapped in the most ingenius and adorable way! Firstly, hair ties because a girl can never have too many and I'm forever losing mine. Oh and, she also bought me my own .com domain so...after things have died down a little, there'll be a little change around here ;)

A pastel jelly watch! My sister has the exact same one but in mint green. Of course, she knew I'm more of a pink person. I love how simple yet classy looking it is, and the gold details adds a nice touch (: Best part? It's not expensive at all! You can get it here and we can all be twinsies.

A gorgeous pair of rhinestone statement earrings..or as my sister put it, 'fancy schmancy earrings'! I'm actually planning to wear these for my graduation formal because I think it'll go very nicely with what I'm planning (:

I love me some rings so these would be perfect additions to my collection :D Super inexpensive too. I'm born in the year of the mouse so of course that was perfect (you can get the ring hereand I love how it looks like the mouse is nibbling/hugging your finger :') Anything nautical is right up my street.

She also knows that I'm a fan of maxi skirts and got me one in a turquoise-y colour! You can also get it here in a gazillion other colours :P

As today was the day I took my pen off my very last exam paper of high school, I had a mini celebration with a few friends to go watch The Amazing Spiderman 2! It had such a sad ending (in my opinion anyway) but I thought the movie was good overall (: I don't read the comics though...and some of the friends that did said that it deviated from the original comic storyline...? Either way, it's a must watch...even if you only watch it because you're a fan of Andrew Garfield or Emma Stone :D

On another note, my grandmother is coming to visit tomorrow - super excited!

If you still have exams, I wish you guys the best of luck! If not...hope you make the most out of your summer ;)

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