Tuesday, 6 May 2014

18 and legal - finally

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The title is ever so slightly misleading because it's not only my 18th birthday today...but it's also my 1st blog-versary (Love how this has become a word)! Yeppp that's right, I started this little corner on my 17th birthday and now it's '1 year old'...I can't believe it! In all honesty, I can't believe this slice of the web has gone this far - it really is surreal sometimes, but I couldn't have done it without all of you! I'm also planning a giveaway, but since I'm currently in the midst of my exams (Day 2 to be exact), it shall commence afterwards so please do bear with me.

  Anyway, I'm finally 18 - an idea that I still can't quite get my head around because it's the legal age to do almost anything and also the day when you're suppose to be an adult and all that scary stuff. Didn't really do anything fancy because well, exams currently take first priority (3 papers today! fml.) and if I want to go to university...I better get cracking on with revision. Butbut, I did receive some lovely presents courtesy of la familia so I may get picture takin' and post writin' when I'm on one of my 'revision breaks'! 
(Side note: Day 2 of exams and I've already got 3 blisters on my fingers. What is this sorcery?! 2 subjects out of my life, 4 more to go!)

The 18 things I want to accomplish before next year:

1. Achieve the grades I want/need to go to university in the UK
2. Travel around Europe - I'm thinking France and Spain?
3. Go to Harry Potter land in Florida
4. Have a Harry Potter marathon
5. Achieve a perfect score on Harry Potter in Quiz Up (do you see a recurring theme?)
6. Get a DLSR
7. Read books written by John Green
8. Finish the Divergent and Mortal Instrument series
9. Attempt to make one handmade/DIY clothing item
10. Learn how to play an entire song on the piano or guitar
11. Get a onesie
12. Have a white Christmas
13. Be more proficient in the beauty department
14. Learn how to dance
15. Be able to touch my toes - yes it's a weird one, but I'm embarrassingly inflexible
16. Take snapshots of a skyline from dawn till dusk 
17. Have a better idea of what I want to do in life
18. Worry less.

By the way, do you guys like my new alignment of writing to the left instead of centered? 
Let me know!

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