Thursday, 11 July 2013

Party Tips for the Century

Hosting a party could be daunting, but very rewarding if it's a huge success! Here's a few tips that I feel makes a great party (:

1. Think of a theme

Themed parties make things a little more interesting and are easier to plan! You can match the decor, food and music to the theme, get your guests to dress up accordingly and bring something theme related and even play theme-orientated games! A make-shift Quidditch game for die-hard Harry Potter fans (meeee!) anyone?
The theme can be virtually anything. Your favourite series, movie/tv show, an event e.g The Oscars, Cirque du Soleil... or even more generic themes like under the sea, all things french, hearts or the colour orange. Come on, you must've attended a themed prom!
Last Halloween, my friend threw a 7 deadly sin  party which was genius! We had to come dress up as one of the 'sin' and she a different section of her house representing different 'sins' with corresponding food! It was so much fun! 
Here are some of my favourite themes:
Harry Potter - cause I'm a huge fan

Images from Pinterest

Tea Party

Image source

Luau Party

Images from various places on the Internet

Stuck with ideas? Click HERE and HERE

2. Plan ahead

It's wise to keep a checklist of everything that needs to be done in time for the party to because you want to avoid last minute rushes and sudden changes! Some things such as booking the caterer, sending out invites may need to be weeks in advance whilst others like preparing the food, setting up decor or buying groceries can take from hours to days. So prepare a list with the 'deadline' next to it and actually stick with it!
Image source

3. DJ it up

Set up a playlist depending on the type and possibly theme of  the party. More upbeat, festive music for a normal get together kind-of party and maybe more mellow tunes for dinner. Also observe the age range and tastes/preference of your guest and adjust the music volume according to the sound level. No one wants to be shouting over background music!
You can even go with your chosen theme and choose songs based around them (:

4. Have fun.

As cheesy as it sounds, have fun. YOU (the host/hostess) set the mood. So if you're having a good time, your vibe will give off and everyone will too - it's like follow the leader (:

Just to end off - me having a bit of fun. I promise you I'm normally sane and do act my age :D

Hope you guys enjoyed the tips and have fun throwing your parties - do not forget a camera to take pictures to commemorate those memoriessss (:

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  1. Replies
    1. High5! My dream is to host/attend a Harry Potter themed party - i think it will be awesome!

  2. Great tips! I'm planning a bridal shower for my friend and she loves France so we're doing a Parisian themed tea party, I love themed parties!

    1. :O That sounds incredible! Do blog about it & include lots of pictures! I'm excited to see how it all turned out!

  3. thanks for this tip! <3 I want the tea party. It is so cute :)

    .never settle for less.

    1. It is! Imagine those little cupcakes and china teapots :D

  4. This year I'm going to be 17, thinking about throwing a party and thank u for the tips! :)
    Visit my blog whenever u had a chance, and would you like to follow each other?
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    1. Ohhh you should!
      Lovely blog you have there - followed on Bloglovin' & GFC (:

  5. Hey there! I just wanted to say thanks so much for the follow back on Bloglovin'; appreciate it :o) Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!


    1. No problem!
      Have a great Thursday too! (:

  6. Thank for the tips! Nice!

    Thanks for linking up with us at the bloglovin hop! I have followed you on twitter, and will follow you on your other social media channels!

  7. Hey Yuen, I'm a new follower from the weekend hop.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by <3, followed back!

  8. such a fun post! deciding on a theme is my favorite part. so many options and room to be creative! thanks for sharing, new follower from the bloglovin' bloghop :)

    1. It's my favourite part too! Then you can get creative with the food, drinks, decoration, party favours... so much room for imagination!

  9. "Act your age not your shoe size" ever heard of that? :) Thanks for the great party tips, I'll keep them in mind


  10. I would love to go to a Harry Potter theme party! Although the tea party looks like it would be a good time too!
    visiting from the blog hop

    1. If someone could throw a Harry Potter themed party, I'd be in awe.
      The tea party would definitely be a cute idea!
      Thanks for stopping by (:

  11. definitely keeping this post in mind the next time i throw a party! i love the checklist you attached, this will definitely come in handy!

    thanks for linking up with a lovely blog hop this week!

    xx, alicia
    river city chic

  12. These are great tips! Visiting from the link-up. I love the tea-party idea for a little girl or even a baby or bridal shower.

    Style of One's Own

  13. Love the tea party and luau party theme!

  14. Some great tips Yuen ... and I love the yellow cocktail dress in the middle of the post. Too cute.

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    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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  16. Great tips!

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection! We appreciate you taking the time to link up, make sure to check back on Friday when we feature out favorites.


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