Tuesday, 2 July 2013

July Wishlist

Whoa that GIF can make someone's eyes go crazy...
Can't believe it's July already! We're more than halfway through 2013! Since it's summer, I say, July, bring it on (:
Anyway, another month means another wishlist!

1. Ankle Booties
I've always been eyeing for a pair of these! I think that they give off an edgy vibe and can glam up any outfit! They're heeled boots - how cool is that! I like that it's not super high and have a chunkier heel for support (:

2. Canon EOS 600D
I really want a new high quality camera to get better quality photos instead of just ones from my phone or my family's Nikon because the Canon can take videos as well so perhaps I can start doing some YouTube videos or vlogs... that are actually of high quality (: But since this is super expensive...gotta start saving!

3.  Blazer
I have a black blazer but since it's originally my aunt's, it's a tad big on me so I'm on a look out for a fitted blazer since it can transform any look instantly to make it more chic, polished or professional. Instead of a classic black, I would opt for a softer pinkish red to make it more fun and youthful as well as to add a pop of colour when I need it (:

4. MAC lipsticks
These have been talked about in literally every beauty/fashion blogger's site! Right now, I really want the shades Crosswire, Fanfare and Angel because although they're different variations of pink/coral, I think they'll look natural and hence, super wearable in the summer!

5. Flower crown
Almost every single outfit post I've seen have one of those incorporated in them that I really want one too! If I can't find one, I think I'll try making one instead! Perfect for summer, makes me feel like a flower princess and adds something fun and quirky to an outfit (:

6. Statement necklace
I have only 1 statement necklace in my collection and I'm dying for more! Previously, I've shyed away from these as I thought they were too 'out-there' and too attention grabbing but now, you can get smaller statement ones in so many designs and colours to suit all styles that I really want one! I think they glam up any outfit - perfect for the day to night time transition - and well, with one, you can keep all other accessories minimal! I would opt for a gold/neutral coloured one for easier pairings (:

7. Leather jacket
Something to throw on a over-baring outfit or if I want to edge up my look, this would be the key. Bit less feminine than the denim jacket - in my opinion - but equally as trendy.  So versatile and you can create whole new looks!

8. Essie Summer Collection 'Naughty Nautical'
What better way to kick off summer than to have your nails scream summer? I LOVE this range of Essie's nail polish since it has pastels (my favourites) and bright ones too! The selection of colours are very me and I know I'll have a great time playing with them!

9. Espadrilles
Cross between ballet flats, loafers and sneakers... I always wanted a pair! So easy to take on and off, comfortable and great for those walking adventures. They also come in funky colours and prints which would be great for mixing and matching.

10. White Dress
Would you believe it? I don't own a single white dress *gasp*! I guess it was because I've always feared that they would get easily dirtied and no one likes a stain (ew) on their pure white dress! But since it's summer, white is a great refreshing colour and I'd really like a simple white dress to play around with - to dress up or down

What are you wishing for this month?

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  1. lovely items! nice colors nail!!

    follow me on, I'll do the same

    Patchwork à Porter
    Facebook Page

  2. That green color is too cute!!


    PS. Stopping by from Grab A Friend!

  3. That's a great wishlist!

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  4. Replies
    1. It is isn't it! I've seen so many bloggers using it and really want one!

  5. Replies
    1. Ohh, I would LOVE an iPhone and it's many functions - maybe when I graduate high school :D
      Heheh, I always want a new wardrobe every day - so many clothes, so little $$$ :P
      Hope you get what you wish for!

  6. its kinda weird how it's july already :/ its as if, the older we get, the faster time flies..


    1. I know right! January the 1st 2013 only seemed like yesterday!

  7. Hi! I love your blog and I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! xx


    1. Aww, thank you so much! Love yours too!
      I'll be sure to send you a link when I've completed the questions!

  8. i'm eyeing up the 600D too! hehe and it has a flip screen!! :))

    anyways happy July :)

    Zoe from withlovefromzoe


    1. Another reason why I should get the 600D! The flip screen will make taking selfies and video recording so much easier!

      Happy July to you too <3 (:

  9. Love your wishlist, doll! Can you believe it's July already?!


    1. Thank you <3! I'm in constant disbelief!

  10. I really want a great white dress as well!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  11. Love this wishlist dear and your blog, you have a lot of really sweet posts here.

    I followed you on bloglovin and GFC

    All Saints Day

    1. Thank you so much <3 (:
      Followed tooooo

  12. Loving the blazer and that range of nail polish colours.

  13. Nice wishlist Yuen! I could use that blazer and jacket! Cool! :)

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  14. Good look with getting everything on your wish list!

    Corinne x

    1. I really do wish I will! But somehow I feel that I'll be lusting over them a little while longer :P

  15. Great wish list! I like that Essie summer collection up there!

  16. I know your feels when it comes to the camera situation! Saving up is so hard but in the end totally worth it. Good luck with saving :)


    1. Saving is incredibly hard - there are always tons of sales and incredibly cute things to buy... and it doesn't help that I'm easily tempted! :P

  17. Hey sweetie! :)
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  18. I love the essies nail polishes - such cute summer colours! I'm on the lookout for a new camera too (this is kind of embarrassing but I've been using my tablet camera since the start - oh well make the best out of my resources) and am actually looking at the Nikon3100 or 3200. I'm not sure how that compares to the Canon you put up. And lastly, I love that white dress! I could wear all my owl necklaces with it :)

    I'd love to chat with you so msg me when you get the chance!


    1. Essie in my opinion has one of the best ranges of nail polishes! (:
      Nothing to be ashamed of, I've been using my Nokia phone :P And only SOMETIMES, when my sisters are willing, I use the family Nikon camera (:
      White dresses + owl necklaces go together perfectly! Heheh (:

      Of course I'd love to chat!


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