Saturday, 20 July 2013

Ice Cream All Around - Buffet

A lifestyle post today! Yesterday, my mum bought my sisters and myself to an... ice cream buffet! At this ice cream shop named 'Fanny's' *cue giggles* who sells one of the best ice creams in Ho Chi Minh City (in my opinion). On the third week of every month, they have an 'all you can eat ice cream buffet' after you pay a certain amount of $$$. If you're hungry, I suggest you delay reading this post :P

(Sorry for the low quality images, they were taken on my phone!)

The main table with all the goodies and toppings
Cones, waffles, cups and biscuits

Custard stuff, fruit, nuts

Juices, cream puffs, marshmallows (and they also had crepes!)

Oreos, chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles/chips, marshmallow, cream

And what post with be completed without a picture of the ice cream?

(By the way, this was taken from their site because I would probably have looked like a weirdo taking pictures of ice cream instead of eating it)

Look at the variety! There were about 30 flavours (normal and sorbet mixed) & some of the post incredible flavours! I planned to try one scoop of every flavour (which would be 30 scoops!), but sadly, I only managed 10... (I think I need to exercise...). 
My sister tried 'Chilli Chocolate' which I didn't dare to and she said it's like chocolate with spices - if anyone's interested :P
My favourite would be Cookies & Cream and Coffee Chocolate - they taste like heaven.

And on a completely different note, the boyfriend showed me this & since I'm a huge Potterhead, I thought I'd share it for all the other Potterheads out there :D

How cool is that?! Want. Want. Want.

Have you guys ever been to an ice cream buffet? What's your all time favourite ice cream flavour?

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