Thursday, 25 July 2013

A happy me (:

As I was doing my daily scrolling through my bloglovin' feed (which I do wayyy too much), I decided to check the blogs in different categories in the hopes of discovering new blogs!

When I saw my blog at #6 on 'Up & Coming blogs' in the Fashion category, I was ecstatic! Definitely made my morning! Hence, I would like to say a huge thank you to all my followers and frequent readers (you know who you are) that have inspired me!

Also, I know I did not blog about it, but I have almost 350 followers on Bloglovin' and a little past 100 on GFC & a little past 200 on Twitter and I am beyond grateful! In all honesty, I've never imagine that this little space would be interesting :P

I'm actually planning a little giveaway to celebrate this little milestone which I will launch (hopefully) after I've managed to get the prizes and get the shipping conditions sorted out (as in Vietnam it's a little iffy) so bear with me!


P.S: Today marks my 2 years + 5 months anniversary with the boyfriend so double wheeeee (:

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