Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Web-hunting Wednesday #2 // eBay + 100th post!

This is my 100th post! Wheeeeee! Mini dance party time (: And can you believe it's the last day of July?! Where did all that time go? O.o
Anyway, here are some of my favourite eBay finds so far:

1. Asymmetric Leopard Chiffon Skirt (£ 4.93 + FREE P&P)

I love asymmetric skirts because it's a cross between a maxi and mini and it's just a little bit more unique - especially with that leopard print! Not quite sure if it's a dress or skirt as the description is vague... but I'm going to go with skirt (:

2. Tote/Backpack (£ 4.59 + £ 2.99 P&P)

I LOVE this bag! It can be both carried as a tote or a backpack just by adjusting the straps. How awesome, handy and versatile is that! Comes in three colours - white; caramel;coffee - and they're all lovely I can't decide! Would be great for bringing to school as it looks big enough or during vacation.

3. Striped Espadrilles (£ 4.99 + FREE P&P)

Aren't these striped espadrilles gorgeous? The seller also offers loads of other designs! Great for slipping on when you're at the beach, on holiday or when you're in a rush - perfect. And at that price? Bargain.

4. Flower Elastic Headband (£ 0.99 + FREE P&P)

I'm starting to love wearing headbands as it's like jewellery for your hair and is great for keeping hair out of your eyes - something I need! This is very elegant and dainty which makes it perfect for more formal events - and at such a low price too!

Are there any bargains you've found lately?

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