Sunday, 28 July 2013

OOTD // B is for Bohemian Pants (Part 1/2)

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This week's letter is 'B'.
B is for Bohemian Pants

Tank top: Esprit
Bohemian pants: Bought in Vietnam - unbranded
Cardigan: Bought in Vietnam - unbranded

Bohemian pants, gypsy pants, Aladdin pants, harem it what you want, but these pants are the most comfortable thing on earth. I was hesitant at first to get it because both my mum and the boyfriend didn't really like it but it was 100,000 VND (£3.10 or US$4.70) so I thought it wouldn't hurt. 
The material is extremely light and flowy which makes moving around very easy! It also cinches at the ankles to give a more defined look. I'm also in love with the aztec-y print!

I actually wore this outfit to the airport - in case you can't tell by the change in environment, I'm in Malaysia now! - and it's perfect for sitting on the plane. Of course, the pants were the star of the show so I just paired it with a simple, plain tank top and cardigan. 

If I could, I would wear this all day. Great for lounging around on those lazy days or maybe even dress it up for casual outings! I think this pair will be my go-to traveling pants :D Heheh

Here's a close up:

The waistband is elastic so it's adjustable (:

Such a lovely print (:

Anyway, here's how my packing process went:

1. Throw everything you think you should bring on the bed

2. Eliminate ones that you may not wear/ Pack versatile pieces, fold and voila!

Random selfie.

Of course, I couldn't get off the plane without taking some cloud photos. Aren't they so pretty and fluffy? Always wondered how they stay suspended...

I have a bittersweet feeling about coming to Malaysia for summer holiday though... I love seeing my relatives and do a bit of shopping (Summer Sale anyone?) but this also means that I won't get to see the boyfriend until 4.5 months later :(

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Part 2 is HERE

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