Thursday, 18 July 2013

Polaroids // Back in time

I don't own one, but I love polaroid cameras. Maybe it's because of it's vintage-y feel or their quirky design, but I'm definitely lusting for one - despite their hefty price tag! Also, polaroids look amazing when hung up!

I think it's kind of weird how although technology has advanced to things like digital cameras that enable you to take and delete as many pictures as you wish, somehow we still go back to the old fashion things.

Maybe it's not the most convenient, but how cool is it to take a photo (one that can't be deleted - mind you) and have it slowly appearing on the film before your very eyes - like this:

I think it'd be awesome & am currently lusting for one!

What is your take on polaroid cameras?

P.S: All pictures were taken from Tumblr

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