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How to: Curl your hair - Sans Heat

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I have naturally super straight hair so all through my life, I've always craved for curly hair. Not super curly ringlets, but loose waves that give my hair more volume and life.
My mum won't let me get my hair curled permanently (until I graduate high school) and since I'm really bad at curling my own, I only get to have my hair curled at the salon on very special occasions as a treat (think prom, weddings etc.).
But sometimes, I just can't wait for those moments! Since constant heat products on your hair can damage it, I've looked to sans (without) heat methods to help me achieve my desired head of curls - which I will share with you in today's post!:

1. Braids

The one that everyone knows best. Just simply braid (regular/french braid) your damp hair, sleep with it overnight and wake up with a hair full of curls (:

Tip 1: The more braids you have, the tighter and smaller your curls will be.
Tip 2: Similarly, the tighter you tie your braids, the tighter the curls will be (as opposed to loosely braided braids)
My verdict: This kind of hairstyle often gives me crimps instead of beachy waves but different hair types achieve slightly different end results so give it a go (:

2. Messy bun

Another super easy method. Tie you hair in a messy bun and sleep with it! It doesn't even have to be neat!
You can either do one big bun (which I do) or lots of baby buns - depending on the amount of hair you have
OR you can do the basic sock bun method and sleep with it (:
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Tip 3: Works best on medium to long hair
Tip 4: Don't tie it too tight or you'll hurt your scalp the next day!
My verdict: I do this every single night because since the twists aren't as small and tight as braids, this gives me big, loose, natural beach-like curls. My favourite and simplest method yet (:

3. T-shirt/Paperbag Method

You can use either an old t-shirt or a paper bag for this (:
1. Cut your material (tshirt or paperbag) into long strips - the wider they are, the bigger the curl
2. Separate your damp hair in sections and line your strip with the end of your hair
3. Roll it upwards to your roots, keeping the strip in place the whole time
4. When you get to the scalp, tie the ends together to keep the strip in place
5. Continue until your whole head is in strips!
6. Sleep with it overnight - don't worry, it's not uncomfortable and slowly take it out the next day (:
Because I can't explain, here's a video tutorial by Michelle Phan

My verdict: I tried this method with a paperbag and it worked! Although the curls were a bit too tight and small for my liking, they stayed throughout the day (:

4. Headband method

You will need: A soft elastic headband (the kind that goes all around your head)
1. Wrap your headband around your head - hippie style (all your hair should be under the headband)
2. Simply put sections of your hair over the headband and tuck it in
3. If your hair was wet or damp to begin with, blow dry your hair
4. Sleeeeeeep with it!
Here's a video tutorial by auniesauce:

My verdict: Tried this and it didn't work for me :( In fact, the headband came out in the middle of the night! But maybe that's because I used a super thin one... try this though, it could work for you (:

5. Bobby Pins

You will need: A gazillion bobby pins
1. Wrap sections of your hair around your finger
2. Pin it to your scalp with a bobby pin (or two)
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Tip 5: The larger sections of hair you twist, the larger the curl

My verdict: Never tried this because bobby pins hate me :(

Curling hair Top Tips

1. NEVER comb your curls - it will frizz!
2. If they are too tight and you want them loosened up, simply run your fingers through your curls gently. More times you run your fingers = looser curls
3. Set with hairspray or mousse to make it stay the whole day (:
4. Longer you leave your hair in the above methods, the curlier they become
5. Experiment! See what works and what don't because everyone's hair is different (:

Hope these curling sans heat tips help! Do leave me a link in the comments if you've tried them! (:
Here's to healthier hair!

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  1. great post! I've tried the t-shirt method and I woke up the next day with an afro because the curls were too tight... x

    1. I tried the paperbag method and I agree! The curls were a bit too tight for my liking :/ But if I pinned the front hair back or 'de-curl' it a bit, it wasn't too bad (:
      Maybe try larger strips next time or smaller sections of hair?

  2. Amazing post :)
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    xx Sofie

  3. thanks for sharing, ill do it xx

  4. Great ideas! I love curls but hate damaging my hair - these are fabulous alternatives to keep your hair healthy!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Ditty and Sugar

    Ditty and Sugar

  5. How cute are you? We always want what we don't have. I always wanted curly hair and had perms all the time to achieve the look. As I get older and the gray hair comes in, I have more curly hair than I want. As women we are never truly happy. Your mum is correct!!! Following you via Bloglovin' and found you on the Collective. xxx

    Barbara @

    1. That's really true! I've got a friend that has super curly hair (which I was always jealous of) but she craved having straight hair :P

      Thank you so much! (:

  6. Awesome tips! I definitely want to try the headband one I've never heard of it before. I'll be sure to use a thick headband though! lol

  7. hahhah i would totally try these :D

  8. I can never do any of the methods that require sleeping on it... I find it so uncomfortable to sleep with buns and braids, haha.

    xo, alison*elle


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  10. Great no-heat tutorials, doll. A total lifesaver in the summer when it's too hot to sit under a dryer/curling iron. :)


  11. Amazing :)
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    xx Sofie

  12. I usually do it like the first picture with braids.

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  13. great tips, thanks for sharing. lovely blog as well, would you perhaps be interested in following each other via GFC and Bloglovin'? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


    1. No problem <3!
      You've got a great blog - following on GFC + Bloglovin' (:


  14. Haha, I laughed out loud at the "gazillion bobby pins" line! These are all great ideas, thanks for compiling them! Stopping by from the Fridays Five linkup :)


  15. Great tips! Thanks for linking up. I tend to twist my hair back in sections and hold with a bobby pin and sleep on it. some mornings it looks good and some it doesn't.

  16. Great post! I love to use some of these methods to get curls because they are so much easier and I love how you're not damaging your hair either :) Found you on the 'I Love my post' blog hop and I am now following on bloglovin' :) x


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