Monday, 22 July 2013

30 Day Ab Challenge - Who's with me?

I used to be a competitive swimmer, training about 7-15 hours a week, doing all sorts of exercises. But now, as I'm approaching my last year of high school, my training schedule as relaxed and now my focus is on academics.

Also, I'm pretty lazy. I'm actually really good at talking myself out of doing things...which means no exercise. In a bid to stay healthy, I've decided to take on the 30 day Ab Challenge and every week, I will blog my progress - just so I will stick to it!

Before I present the challenge, here are a few 'quotes' I found on Pinterest that states that maybe a little indulgence should not be deprived of:

Okay, now for the challenge:

The first few days looks pretty easy... but I'm dreading the exercises from Day 20 onwards....

So who's with me?

P.S: I'm going to start this evening...right after I finish my bowl of strawberries with nutella, heheheh

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