Tuesday, 23 July 2013

NOTD // Mixing it Up

Most of you will have known that in a bid to stop myself from harming my nails (aka biting) I've starting painting them! Something my school forbids but since it's summer, I'm freeeeeee ;)
I must say that it's going rather well! Have not touched my nails in a week/two

That said, my nail polish collection is mediocre. It's tiny. I only have about 4 shades? Which is why when I'm bored of the same colours, I try to mix and match to create new-ish shades!

With these nail polish colours:

L: New Elite Nail Polish Professional (sorry, I'm not sure which shade as it's a local Vietnamese brand & a friend gave it to us!)

R: Jordana In Love

I've managed to turn this (a bright purple/fuschia):

Into this:

A more shimmery purpley/pink!  See the difference? (:

After the usual 3 coats of the bright purple base, I painted 1 coat of the shimmery pink. Since it's quite sheer, it layers on very nicely by giving it a hint of shimmer! I must say I like how this turned out and how it catches the light too (how poetic) (:

I guess what I'm trying to say is, play with the shades you've got to create new (and maybe better) shades!

What's your favourite nail polish combination?

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