Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Recap

Can you believe it? It's the first day of August!
This month, my summer holiday started so I had some fun hanging out with the boyfriend as he came back from England as well as my other friends that came back to visit whilst catching up on summer work (boo). I also reached various blogging milestones! Wheeeee (: July was a great month.
Wonder how August will be....
Anyway, here are my top posts of July - in case you missed any of them!:

1. 30 Day Ab Challenge - I'm on Day 9 today and apart fro missing a day or two, it's going great (: Abs, come to meeee

2. Summer Series #4: Hairstyles for the Sun - Hairstyles you can try to look good AND keep your hair out of your face

3. OOTD // Summery Winter

4. Party Tips for the Cenutry - If you're stuck for ideas when it comes to hosting a party, these may help!

5. OOTD // That's immortality, darlings - See the Pretty Little Liars reference? :P

6. OOTD // I suck at thinking of post titles - Don't worry, I'm a little better now :P

7. Web-hunting Wednesday #1 // Ebay Wishlist - Awesome finds (:

And those are my top posts for this month! Which one was your favourite?

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