Monday, 26 August 2013

Summer Vacation // Pulau Redang Trip Part 2

Catch up with Part 1 HERE - there are some pretty pictures!
After the beach trip, we went back to the mainland, to Kuala Terengganu and went exploring (sort of)! First, we went to 'Chinatown'. Honestly though, there seems to be tons of Chinatowns everywhere and this one was no different. Your typical street full of Chinese food and Chinese stalls (:

Yes, I am on my tip toes and yes, my younger sisters are taller than me :(

After that we went to this place where they built replicas of world famous mosques so I basically traveled the world in 1 hour (Y) It was really cool seeing all the different designs, styles and the detailing was amazing!  Although they were replicas and miniatures, they were still pretty huge! In the most famous mosques e.g Taj Mahal, you could actually go in and read about the mosque itself (:

From these pictures, you may not be able to tell that those were miniatures ;)

And that concludes the highlight of my summer vacation!

What did you do in the summer?


(Thought I'd include one of this random fact about me at the end of every post instead of doing a collective one...until I run out that is :P )

That is very true...hence I started blogging (:

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