Tuesday, 13 August 2013

D is for Dungarees

It's time for the 4th week of the Alphabet Challenge! Scroll down to see what it's all about. This week, D it is for Dungarees.

I used to hate dungarees. To me, they had a country, farmer and childish vibe to them and hence I stayed away. But lately, I've been really liking them and really want to get one!

Now, dungarees are becoming more of a fashion statement. Gone are the child-like images! Now, you can get them in all sorts of styles instead of just blue denim! Long pants, shorts, skirts...and in loads of colours and patterns too!

A few of my favourites:

1 - Karma Clothing // 2 - River Island  // 3 - Fashion Union // 4 - Karma Clothing // 5 - Own the Runway

Personally, I prefer the skirt-style dungarees as it gives a flirty feminine twist. Don't you think the batman printed one is totally wicked?
How I would wear them:

Crop top -Topshop // Dungaree Skirt - River Island // Converse // Suede backpack - Charlotte Russe

Until I venture out into riskier waters, I would probably stick to the safe zone. You can't go wrong with pairing dungarees with a simple top and sneakers. This look would be great for casual outings, festivals, school or even a picnic date! Possibilities are endless.

Alternatively, you can change up your look with different printed tops, long sleeved tops, bandeaus for a more risque look, tights on colder days and maybe even wedges, heels, statement necklaces and a blazer for fancier nights!

3 tips on wearing dungarees:

1. Wear a slim fitting top underneath and don't forget to go brightly coloured when pairing with plain dungarees

2. Dungarees are meant to be very loose-fitting so wearing heels and wedges could polish up the casual look

3. Who says dungarees can't be worn in warmer weathers - wear a jacket over, scarf, tights and boots!

Need more inspiration?

None of the pictures are mine. Most from HERE.
Time to dig out those dungarees and style them a la Alexa Chung style (:

What are your favourite form of dungarees and how would you style them?


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