Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Recap

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Can you believe August/summer has been and gone?! Definitely does not feel like that at all. In fact, I've just finished the first week of school and it feels like summer has never started! In need of a holiday asap!

What I have been up to

- Spent a lovely month hanging out with the boyfriend (and doing summer work of course) before he went back to the UK
- Visited relatives
- Did a bit of thrift shopping ;) Haul post up soon!
- Went to the beach, Pulau Redang and was unplugged for 5 days! - post about
my trip HERE (1) + HERE (2)
- Started school - first last day until I graduate from high school! How exciting yet scary
What my blog has been up to

- I made a Facebook page! Please like it (HERE) for more updates and surprises!
- You now have the opportunity to advertise with my blog! Rates start at just £0.50 - bargain! More information HERE
- Hosting my first ever giveaway sponsored by Iconemesis. Join HERE

Top 5 posts this month

1. A transformation - from the mum's closet to mine (HERE)
2. Absolute bargains from Fragrance Direct! (HERE)
3. Would you rather? Beauty Edition (HERE)
4. Disney Princess inspired Designer Dresses (HERE)
5. My entire ring collection (HERE)

Right Place Right Time - Olly Murs

Now, I shall leave you with a song that I've been loving this month (:

What have you been up to this month?


It's true. I can't cope well with it. Maybe it's because I've stayed at the same school for 13 years and lived in the same country for 15 years that any major changes like moving countries scare me.

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