Friday, 9 August 2013

Guest Post // 5 tips for naturally beautiful skin all summer long!

This is a scheduled post as I'm currently at the beach! Wheeee! But don't worry, I've got awesome guest bloggers lined up for you (:
Today is a post from Michelle who works at a spa called Skana in a small town at Upstate NY
Between heat, sun, and pools, summer can be hard on your skin. It doesn't have to be that way, though! 
Follow our tips, and enjoy healthy glowing skin all through the hot months.

1. Go bare
Summer sweat mixed with heavy make-up can clog pores and create skin problems. Since summer 
activities are typically casual anyway, why not ditch the foundation and let your skin breathe during your 
road trips and barbecues this summer?

2. No tanning
Whether you're concerned about skin cancer or premature aging, sunbathing is definitely out. Even dark 
skin is susceptible to sun damage, so bring an umbrella and stay in the shade! Don't let fake tanners draw 
you in, either. They're still loaded with chemicals, many of which haven't been tested for long-term affects 
on skin or health.

3. Rinse your skin
Salt and chlorine will both dry your skin out, so don't forget a refreshing shower after you swim this 
summer. It'll rinse off any chemicals from the water and keep your skin looking young.

4. Eat right

Unhealthy processed and sugar-filled foods can cause premature aging, so stick with fresh fruits and 
veggies. Cool salads and grain dishes are refreshing in summer. And don't be afraid of healthy fats! Good 
fats from Greek yogurt, fish, and nuts will keep your skin supple all summer long.

5. Stay hydrated
Do you get thirsty in the heat? So does your skin. Avoid chemical-filled soft drinks, and stick with water 
throughout the day. It'll flush out toxins that dull your skin to give you that perfect summer glow.
Summer can be tough on skin, but it doesn't have to be. Stay fresh and natural with our summer skincare 
tips, and you won't have to worry about skin issues ruining your summer fun! And when it's all over for the 
day, try this recipe inspired by Skana Spa of New York State Resort, Turning Stone. It's perfect to soothe 
your for oily/combination skin.

Tightening Green Tea and Grapefruit Toner


2 green tea bags steeped in 1 cup water and cooled.
1/4 cup witch hazel
Juice of 1/2 of a red grapefruit


1. Steep the tea bags in the water and let cool.
2. Remove the teabags.
3. Add the witch hazel and the grapefruit juice to the tea water.
4. Mix all together.  Apply to skin with a cotton ball, let dry and then rinse off with water.
5. Mix all the ingredients in a blender until the mixture is perfectly smooth. Apply to skin with a cotton ball. 
6. Once it's dry, rinse off with cool water.

Thank you Michelle for some great tips and an awesome, 'au naturel' recipe!

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