Saturday, 24 August 2013

#WhoIAm #1

Hahah, a double hashtag blog title :D 
I thought I'd do a bi-weekly thing where I post little facts about myself just so you guys can know me better (: 
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It's those little things that you may take for granted or you may not notice immediately that makes can make someone or you happy - you know? (:

Never ever been to a concert although I REALLY REALLY want to! I see people blog about them, watch some on TV or YouTube and they look like so much fun - especially the atmosphere! Sadly, things like this don't happen in Vietnam :(

My parents have 6 brothers and sisters each which means 12 uncles & aunts so I do have quite a big extended family and about 20 cousins and although I'm not as close to some of them, I love them all nonetheless (:

Sometimes that's how I like to entertain myself! Watching the sky, clouds, stars... so pretty (:

I will admit that I always lower my expectations - especially academically. I know you're meant to aim for the sky so you'll fall among stars, but I just don't like to be disappointed so I lower my expectations (Y)

On a side note, today marks 2.5 years with the boyfriend, wheeeeeeee (:

What are some facts about you?

P.S: Please do vote for me for a Missguided competition HERE - it will only take a few seconds and I'll be eternally grateful!

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