Sunday, 11 August 2013

Guest Post // A little introduction

This is a scheduled post as I'm currently at the beach! 

Today we have Annmarie from The Simply Swift Blog


Hi guyyys! I'm super excited to be guest posting today for Yuen! :)

 I write over at The Simply Swift Blog and although I'm a pretty new blogger, I am LOVING the blogosphere! It makes for a great creative outlet and a fantastic way to meet new friends. I hope you'll stop by!   

 Because we've only just met, I thought I'd share a few things that you won't find on my about me page:

 - I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts and only moved out of my childhood home to move in with my then boyfriend/now husband, Brian 
- I've only ever broken one toe, the "ring" toe on my right foot.
 - When Brian and I get home, we do a little "yay, you're home!" for the other. I don't know when it happened but we never talked about it, it just happens 
- I'm addicting to graham cracker ice cream, curling my hair, driving for no other reason than just to talk, and even numbers of things   

 Now that we're friends, I feel like I can reveal something that until only recently, nobody had ever seen before. It's hilarious, a little tiny bit gross, and when you know the story behind it, adorable. It's about me and my sister, Kara. To learn about our story, read this post. In case you don't have the time (or the tissues, because you miiight cry), I'll give you the short version. Three years ago in April, my mom sat me down and told me I had a sister. I grew up as an only child with just my mom (my dad left when I was a baby and passed away six years ago. I promise this isn't a saddy post) and didn't know until recently that they had a daughter before me. Because of their lifestyle at the time, they chose a closed adoption for her. Fast forward to September of 2011, we found her! We met on 9.10.11, and we've been
best friends
sisters ever since. She's amazing! Our bond was almost immediate. After the initial first date-ish conversations to get to know the basics about each other, we decided to start tackling the endless list of childhood activities we missed out on as kids. We've colored coloring books, played at playgrounds, she even curled my hair for the very first time a few weekends ago! 

Anyway, one of the most memorable of these experiences was our decision to play Chubby Bunny. Please say you know what I'm talking about! A ridiculous (and sort of crazy) game of stuffing marshmallows in your mouth and saying "chubby bunny" each time until you can't fit any more or say it again. It's hilarious. And super competitive which we both love. That's what I'm sharing with you today... the top secret video. Before you watch, know these things - the sniffling, the drooling... I know it's gross. But it's totally worth it. I promise! - I definitely think I counted wrong. I think we tied. - I know the JFK skateboard is weird. It's my husband's. I gave it to him as a gift years ago because he's obsessed with the JFK conspiracy, and he refuses to take it down "because it's a piece of ART, Annmarie!" - We didn't mean for the slow jam from The Voice to be our soundtrack. Sometimes magic just happens.   Ha! Enjoy! Chubby Bunny Video   

 Now that you've seen one of the weirdest things I've ever done, I hope you'll stop by The Simply Swift Blog from time to time to check up on me and Kara. I'm sure the embarrassment doesn't end there! :) 


Thank you Annmarie for giving us a little insight about yourself! Don't forget to go check out her blog @ The Simply Swift Blog

P.S: Please do vote for me for a Missguided competition HERE - it will only take a few seconds and I'll be eternally grateful!

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