Thursday, 15 August 2013

OOTD // A Transformation

Please do excuse my facial expression and the weird lighting. It was 7am in the morning so the sunlight was being funky and I was in a hurry!

I guess this is like a super duper little DIY post... or rather more of a fashion trick that you can use if you have flowy, light dresses that are a tad too long (:


Dress: Mum's
Floral clip: Forever21
The dress is actually my mum's which is wore when she was younger. I found in a place I like to call, 'The Narnia Wardrobe' because it contains pieces of clothing that my aunts and mum don't like to wear anymore - for whatever reason. Everytime I go back to Malaysia, I always manage to find something that I like or can incorporate into everyday wear and so... I steal it :D Plus, the clothes have a vintage-y vibe to them ;)
Anyway, I saw this dress in the closet and really like the design and small floral pattern. My only complain was that it was a tad too long for my liking. Being petite, I like to keep dresses above my knee (unless it's a maxi). I was originally going to ask my grandma to hem it for me, but then I had a 'Eureka!' moment and decided on something else.


I took a simple, red woven belt to cinch it at the waist where I felt most comfortable.
Then I began untucking bits of the dress out to shorten the length of the dress. 


I got my own sundress! Perfect for all occasions!
And the best part is that I can control the length by untucking or re-tucking the dress and I can even make it asymmetric but changing the lengths at the side or the back/front! The possibilities are endless. This method works best on clothing made of lighter material - like chiffon, silk or light cotton.

It's amazing what a simple belt and a bit of thinking can do! And guess what, it's free ;) Heheh

Here's some that are similar:

From L-R:  Motel Rocks // General Pants // Asos

Do you have any fashion secrets?

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