Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Ring Collection

A little different kind of post today (: Lately, I've been obsessed with rings. So much that I have my own little collection! And so, I thought I would share it with you guys! (: Don't worry, it's not THAT picture heavy because I combined categorised the rings into a collage (:
Excuse the many pictures featuring my hand :P

I keep my rings in this tortoise-shell box that my aunt gave me for Christmas (:

Both from Diva

I love my double rings. Although it reduces mobility in your fingers, I think they're very pretty (:
My favourite is the gem stone + flower one on the left! Although the boom box one is pretty edgy

Couldn't think of a better name for these so... on to my more 'daintier' rings (:

Top left: This one is actually what someone people would call a 'mood' ring as it's meant to change colour according to one's mood. But what my sister and I have discovered due to experiments, it changes colour based on temperature. So if you put it in the fridge, it turns black :P Hardly wear this, but I like it nonetheless. Aren't the moon and stars pretty? (:

Top right - boutique in Malaysia: I love this ring. It's so small and dainty and just so cute. I play the piano so I guess this has some meaning :P

Bottom left - Bonita: Just a simple letter 'Y' ring cause my name starts with a Y

Bottom right - given by Dad: I'm a Catholic so this is a rosary ring that my Dad gave me to count the beads. He has one too!

Top left - Forever 21: The bow is a bit big, but I think it's a nice touch (:

Top right - Forever 21: Not sure if you can see, but there are rhinestones along the ring band. I love the mint colour of the rose.

Bottom left - boutique in Malaysia: A pink poodle made up of little pink rhinestones!

Bottom right - boutique in Malaysia: I just found this adorable (:

I love vintage rings. They have this certain aura about them and they come in such  awesome designs! I hope to expand my collection of vintage rings!

Top left - flea market in Vietnam: How awesome is this starfish ring? It's super unique and I love how it just sits and clings on to the finger (:

Top right - flea market in Vietnam: A little hard to tell, but it's meant to be a mouse since I was born in the year of the mouse via the Chinese Zodiac calendar. And because I thought it was very cute (:

Bottom left - boutique in Vietnam: I really like this fox ring because again, it's different and I like how it extends along the finger.

Bottom right - boutique in Vietnam: Another rose ring, but this time in a more vintage-y copper bronze which brings a nice touch to an outfit (:


I love rings. They're like finger candy - if that makes sense :P And they can compliment any outfit very easily! I applaud you if you've come this far along the post!

Do you have any favourite rings? Would you like to see any of my other jewellery collection (i.e necklace; bracelets...)?

P.S: Please do vote for me in a Missguided competition HERE - it'll only take a second!

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