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Guest Blogger Friday // Summer Favourites

It's Friday, which means that I hand over my blog to another blogger in the blogosphere! This time we have:
Naomi @ Naomi Tara

Hi everyone,
I'm Naomi from and I'm lucky enough to be one of Yuen's guest bloggers! I mainly blog about fashion and make-up, but I'm also have a huge range of other interests that may occasionally pop up.

For you to see the sort of products I use and love, I thought there would be no better blog post to do than a July/Summer Favourites. So before I babble on any longer, here are the products I've been loving this month..

First of all, MAC's tinted moisturiser in dark. I've been wearing a much lighter base than usual because of the heat, and it's doing wonders for my skin. I recently did an entire post about this product on my blog, so have a look if you want to know more!

Because it's summer, I've been wearing a LOT of sandals. My favourite without fail, every summer, are my Russell and Bromley blue suede gladiator flats. They're so old and used but I love them so much and I can't stand to replace them.

I've also loved Essie's matte nail polish topcoat. Obviously this is wearable all year round, but I've been wearing more corals, pinks and oranges this season and I love the look you get when you pair a bright colour with this matte topcoat.

The most affordable and easily attainable object on this list is Johnson's Baby Oil. I've been going out with friends a lot both during the day and night and feel like this works so much better than lotion in hot weather. It doesn't become sticky or slimy at all. I just get out of the shower and put the baby oil on my skin while it's still wet, and then pat dry with a towel. It does exactly what the bottle says, seals in moisture, and also makes your skin look so so healthy. This bottle is so used and horrible, it's also in Portuguese, sorry!

Swimming in the sea (not that I do that, hello phobias) and lying in the sun all day can really dry out your hair, which has led me to be using and loving Elvive's Extraordinary Oil. It's probably not the best on the market, but it's affordable and really works to replenish some of the lost moisture.

My favourite eyeshadow palette of all time, Urban Decay's Naked 2 has been replaced... By UD's Naked Basics! As a lover of matte and neutral colours, this is just my perfect palette. It's also so small and so easy to carry around. I'd been resisting the temptation to buy it since it came out and I'm so happy I finally gave in.

My last favourite is Make Up Forever's 274 duo-ended eyebrow brush and comb. The comb works well to brush brows into shape but why I really love it is the dense, tiny angled brush at the other end. I've used a MAC angled brush and Real Techniques brow brush and I thought I loved them both, but neither compare at all to the precise finish I can get using this brush and a brown eyeshadow. It takes a bit longer because the brush is so small, but it's so worth it.

So those are a few of my favourite items from this month. I've tried to keep this quite short but if you'd like to see more from me then I'd love it if you read some of my posts at
Thanks so much for reading, and thanks to Yuen for making me a guest blogger for her. I really appreciate it!

Naomi x


Thank you Naomi for sharing with us your favourites this summer! 
If you would like to guest blog, simply email me at for more details (:

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