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Guest Post // Summer Loobook

This is a scheduled post as I'm currently at the beach! Wheeee! But don't worry, I've got awesome guest bloggers lined up for you (:

To start things off, we have Yige from Yet Another Makeup Blog


Hey guys! This is the 2nd post in the Summer Lookbook series, annnnd it's on outfit ideas! So if you haven't seen the 1st one then click here.

1. Monochrome

Monochrome is a really big trend this spring and summer, also it's a really simple yet chic look.

The top I got from Internationale for £4, which by the way has a HUGE sale on right now, almost everything in their store is on sale and they're all under £20, AND it's buy one get one free! So the top has a really cute lacey Peter pan collar and the rest is just plain white.

I got the black skater skirt from New Look for £9.99, there's not much to say about it, it's just a simple skater skirt.

And for accessories, I have a pair of black brogues from Clarkes, a small black bag from New Look, a half black and half brown belt (I can't remember where I got it from) just to tie the outfit together.

I also thought a bright lip stick would go great with this outfit, since there isn't much colour in the clothes, you can play up your lip colour as a contrast to that. Or a nude lipstick would go great with the outfit as well. (both are more MUA, in the shades 3 and 16)

2. Printed Leggings

This outfit is for when the weather is very mild, too cold for shorts but too warm for jeans. It;s still very casual and comfy.

The top is just a simple white vest top, I can't remember where I got mine but any plain top would do. I chose a plain top because there is already a lot going on on the bottom half so it would be too distracting if the top was patterned as well.

The leggingins are aztec print, I think I got mine from New Look, and it's really comfy to wear and it's not sheer because one of my biggest pet peeves is see through leggings. I mean what's the difference between see through leggings and tights?

Then to go with the earthy toned patterns on the leggings, I chose a long gold necklace, so that the top half wouldn't look too boring. And on the necklace, there is a really cute hot air balloon decoration.

For shoes I just went with some beige brogues.

3. Day Dress

You gotta wear a sun dress for summer right? This look is slightly more dressed up but still on the casual side.

I got this dress from the sale in Internationale, can you believe that it was reduced from £22.99 to £6?! I really love the cut on this dress, I know you can't see it but the back of the dress has a cut out on the lower back, it's not too revealing but still playful.

To go with the dress, I have some flip flops from M&S, a small shoulder bag and a nude lipstick. I had a lot of trouble with finding the right accessories to go with this dress for some reason, but I think it's because the colour of it is quite different from the accessories I own.

4. Midnight Blue

Unlike the previous outfits, this is definitely not a casual look. I would wear this to a night out or to dinner or something like that.

The dress is from H&M, it was £6 - ish I can't really remember, and it's just a really simple navy dress with a skater skirt bottom, but the skirt part is actually hi-low, so the back of it is slightly longer than the front. The fabric of this dress is really really soft, just thought I'd point that out!

I chose a small chain with a heart on it for a more elegant look, this would look great with some black heels, but since I don't really like wearing heels (although I love how they look) I just went with some black pumps.

And for lipstick I thought a light pink would go great with this dress, since pink and blue look really gorgeous against each other.

5. Casual Shorts

 This is the last outfit so let's end it with another casual one! This is probably my most worn outfit during summer, just shorts and a t-shirt.

I got this cat top from Internationale along with all the ones mentioned previously, and when I saw it I just had to have it! You know how much I love cats, and by the way cats are going to be a huge fashion trend soon, they already are in some stores but it'll be a matter of months before they take over the high street!

The shorts are simple denim ones from New Look, and they've got a really cute cut on the sides as well.

Of course I had to pair this outfit with my favourite shoes - my purple converse! They are so so comfy and they never gave me blisters.

With a simple outfit like this, you can really play up the accessories, so I went with some midi rings (for DIY click hereand a golden ear cuff from Urban Outfitters.

Lastly I have got a cute back pack from Kipling just to keep my stuff in.

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- Yige x


Thank you Yige for some amazing fashion inspiration this summer! Definitely time to look through my closet!
Don't forget to check out her blog @ Yet Another Makeup Blog

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