Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Wishlist Wednesday // I am a Rucksack #NextBagItUp

Remember those magazines some of us used to read (or maybe still do!) when we were younger? Where during sleepovers we would ponder over the quizzes where you answered a bunch of questions, follow the lines and it magically reveals: Which celebrity you should be paired up with; What your go-to summer trend is, or your best nail colour? 
Well I took an identical "Which handbag are you?" quiz on Next and guess what? 
I am a rucksack!
I love rucksacks. They symbolise my carefree personality and range from simple to wild prints and honestly, you can pair them with anything and for any occasion. Festivals, casual day outs, to the beach or of course, school.
Here's my Back-To-School inspired outfit with my favourite rucksack - maybe you'll look forward to each day with this:

A simple yet super chic and comfortable outfit - which you can put on within seconds - to match a simple yet cute and practical bag. 

The weather outside is getting a tad chilly and the classrooms could be blasting with AC so I love the cute bunny sweater which is quite girly and makes the outfit more feminine whilst the leather-looking skinny jeans balances that by edging and toughening up the look. Plus, you don't want to just wear boring jeans on the first day! Throw on a simple gold statement necklace for a little glam touch; a good old trusty pair of brown booties (with a heel that's not super high so you can rush to your next class with ease); and that canvas rucksack to store your newly-bought stationery and notebooks...and you're perfect for class.

Classics never go out of style.

Keep makeup au naturel and loosely curl your hair with side braids pinned at the back for an effortless, simple look. Plus, it keeps your hair out of your eyes!

Simple, cute, comfy. A perfect way to start your school year with your canvas rucksack.
 Go to class with class (Hahaha, get the pun there?)

Here's the bag quiz so do take it and tell me in the comments below which one you are!

Next bags infographic
Which bag are you?

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