Sunday, 10 August 2014

Life's Snapshots #13

It's almost been a month since I did my last Instagram round up...but all the pictures were really of the Japan trip which I promise you will be up after I've sift through my huge archive in my camera roll and pick out the best ones. Anyway, lately, I've been thinking about 2 things:

1. Changing my blog URL to 'infamoushearts' because thecraziestparadigm (although I love it), is a bit too long and doesn't fit for most social media usernames...I'm trying to be more tech savvy here :P So...if you see a redirect or a URL change, don't be alarm, it's still me. You can see that I've changed my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to reflect that already! But I'd still love to know your opinion so...what do you guys think?

2. Having long hair for the past decade or so and seeing all the hair-inspo from girls with shorter hair has given me the urge to chop off my hair to slightly past shoulder length. Now this will be a massive change that I think I'll go through with because I haven't had short hair in agesss, it's time for a change and hey, it's just hair - it'll grow. All I need to do now is to actually get the guts to go to the hairdressers :P

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Polaroids from Japan trip - missing this place // I call this: mermaid nails // Lunch with this bunch

casual #ootd for making my UK visa - New Look jeans // I love me some Japanese food // Gorgeous decor

Things look better in B&W // Not a bad place to brunch // Good food, happy me

A great gaming night ft. Danny's creepy face

The Craziest Paradigm's posts this week:

Outfit // Make Me Your Aphrodite - a crop top of sunset colours paired with a black maxi skirt
Onwards & Upwards: a chatty one - getting a little personal about my life to come
25 Facts About Me Tag - for those nosy readers (both old and new) out there!
Wishlist #29 // Missguided: Top 10 under £10 - some amazing bargains at 70% off, you won't believe your eyes.

Hope you guys have a great week and do give your opinions about my blog URL and possible hair chop!
P.S: Check out Darcy Clothing's 70% sale for summer & get a 10% off with 'darccy10'

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