Sunday, 24 August 2014

Life's Snapshots #14

  Another round up of a fortnight of InstaSnaps! The last two weeks has been a blast, hanging out with friends, movies, lunches, night outs...although the sad thing is that there were a few goodbyes amongst friends that were leaving early to University! :'( I also had an impromptu weekend getaway to the beach with my dad (as you will see from the snaps below) and it was great just kicking back and relax. 

  Also, if you followed me on Instagram, you would know that I cut my hair! It's the shortest it has been for over a decade and I thought long and hard about this decision! However, although I do sometimes miss my long hair, I do kinda like this shorter hair do. Quicker shampooing and hair drying times, no fuss styling and being in a country with a tropical climate, it's just a lot cooler! This is me embracing the short hair crew.

  On another note, I leave to the UK in about a month for university!!!! :O :O :O Pretty damn excited.

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Ice cream fondue to say goodbye to my good friend Leo // Picnics under the moonlight is always a good idea // Nothing beats milo pops for breakfast

Feeling like a bit of Keith Haring (get the top here) // This yummy thang // A coffee a day keeps one awake

Could get use to this view everyday // Chillin' with the palm trees behind me // Early morning by the sea

The view from where I sit // Bye bye beach, till next time // Triple cookie threat, yum

"It's only oblivion" // Tuesday nights are ladies nights with the bestest people // Tea time with a decade worth of friendship <3

Hair = chopped!!! // This bootyful peach booty

Hope you guys have a great week ahead of youuuuu!

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