Monday, 15 September 2014

Autumn/Fall Style Inspiration

  As we get near the end of September, the weather gets cooler and cardigans, beanies, scarves and tights come out to play during the colder, darker months. Living in a tropical country with only 2 seasons (wet & dry), I've always been slightly jealous of those bloggers in the northern hemisphere that are able to snuggle up in cosy sweaters and partake in the art of fashion we call 'layering'. But since this year is the first year that I'll be in the UK for autumn and winter, I must say that I am beyond excited to be able to jump on that bandwagon - I've already started preparing by buying tons of sweaters in my latest August Haul.

  When it comes to fashion/style inspiration, Pinterest  is my absolute favourite. So for those of you that are unsure of how to/what is layering or how to wear that new coat/boots of yours...this will be extremely handy ;)

1. Leather is literally the material for fall if you want that edgy yet chic look
2. Scarf, beanie and trench coat? Check.
3. Pair one of those chunky, oversized 'sweater dresses' with knee high boots for the laidback and casual look whilst running errands
4. Think maxi skirts are reserved for the summer? Think again.

4. When transitioning from summer to fall, layer a sweater over your favourite dress and...voila. Instant sophistication.
5. Don't store your shorts away during these colder months - instead, wear them with cosy tights and you're good to go
6. The layering trick that makes anyone look good with a preppy flair - layer your favourite sweater over your favourite plaid shirt. Never underestimate the power of plaid prints.
7. Take layering to a whole new level by wearing a cardigan over your dress and belting it together!

Hope this post has been useful in helping you gain some inspiration on what to wear as the leaves changes colour and temperatures drop!

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