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When the temperatures drop to sub 10 degrees and the sun sets around 4pm, it's incredibly hard to gather the motivation to actually do some exercise and keep fit. After all, it's cold, dark and wet...all the more reasons to stay indoors right? I know, that has been my mentality most of the time. But it wasn't until I received some workout gear from (thank you so much!) that I thought, 'it's now or never'. Especially as a Uni student, schoolwork can get so hectic that your physical health takes a backseat. 
  Anyway, I have had a good couple of weeks to truly trial and test these items out in the colder weather and to give an honest opinion on them!

  Firstly, how awesome is the colour scheme on these shoes. When it comes to running shoes, I say the brighter the better - just makes everything much more fun. The website states that this only weighs a mere 241 grams, which I can definitely attest to because they are definitely the lightest pair of running shoes that I have ever owned. Of course, this made it incredibly easy to run with - I could barely feel the weight! Also there is just the right amount of cushion inside so your feet doesn't ache after a while. But most importantly, I also like how the grip on the sole is really quite good because that minimizes the risk of slipping, especially when the road can get frequently wet these days.

  I'm really glad I picked this up because I was in need of more sports bras! I got this in the size X-Small and on first wear, it was quite snug. But I actually prefer it that way when it comes to sports bras because I feel like you get more support and the elastic will loosen over time anyway. What I like most about this is that it is made out of good, thicker material, unlike some of my previous ones where it's quite thin so that my umm...nipples show through. But, I'm pleased to say that they don't on this one! Also, it's made out of dri-fit fabric which keeps your body dry during an intense workout instead of making it all sweaty and gross. The back also features a racerback design which is my favourite kind

  Now this is one of Nike's iconic 'Just Do It' t-shirt that I really wanted to get. Not only are the colours super funky, but the material is also fairly lightweight and breathable. Oh, and did I mention it is made out of dri-fit fabric too? No more super soaking wet t-shirts or sweat stains! I normally wear these for indoor workouts, but it is also good for sports in the summer or just everyday casual wear.

  As this is my first time being in such freezing weather, protection from the cold is something that I definitely need if I don't want to risk catching a cold or numbing my body. I am very glad to say that this top did the trick! So if you are tired of an over-crowded gym during the winter months and want to get some fresh air to do a bit of running or jogging, the cold ain't an excuse anymore. What's really good about this is that despite it being a garment that keeps you warm, it's not thick and heavy. In fact, it's really light and comfortable. 

  It also has a small pocket at the back for 'small items' but honestly, I don't put anything in there. Also, although I didn't show it very well, there are thumb holes at the sleeves just so it is more secure and doesn't move around when you're running which trust me, can be annoying. As you can see, I'm quite petite which meant that the sleeves are often too long. So the thumb holes is actually really good in improving insulating and making it more secure. Oh and, it has reflective elements which makes it safer to run when it gets dark (which it does really early nowadays....)

  So overall, I really recommend Nike's running range because you really get what you pay for! Not only are Nike's range of sportswear fashionable, they are function-able and of high quality as well. And to all those that constantly talk yourself out of exercising...You know the thrill you get from wanting to wear all your new clothes? Well this is a good chance to do some retail therapy and then show off your new workout clothes whilst keeping fit at the same time (double win!) Now that Christmas is just around the corner, what are you waiting for? There's no better time than to pick up some sports gear and whip yourself into shape - no excuses now! Also, if you want to check out more ranges or sportswear from different brands, has something for everyone!

*Products in this post were sent to me for review purposes. However, all opinions are 100% honest and my own! I would never endorse things that I don't believe in!
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