Thursday, 12 March 2015

Inspiration // Re-vampin' your Bedroom

  Considering you spend most of your time in your bedroom, there's no doubt that it should be your space and reflect your personality! Being an university student living in university accommodation, you definitely do not want to go back to a bog standard plain uni room at the end of a long day! Somehow, with a bit of personalization and bits and pieces here and there, you can really make your small (well, my uni room is anyway) space really cosy and homely...

Although I didn't really decorate my room that much this year as I am in university accommodation and can't really do much, when I get a house next year, I plan to go crazy. So after scouring the Internet for some 'bedroom re-vampin' inspiration', I found some awesome bits that I thought I'd share!

1. Chalkboard Decor - Macy's 

In my uni room now, there is a plain grey cork board provided but that can get a little bit boring. I absolutely love the classy black design of this one and the fact that it's a chalkboard makes it stand out from your regular cork or whiteboard and gives it a cute old school vibe. You can scribble on reminders, to do lists or any notes and then rub it off whenever!

I find that paper/fairy lights instantly makes a room feel more cosy when they're strung either along the walls or around the bed frame. These bright blue ones will definitely add colour and brighten up the room - especially if you have a minimalist scheme going on - and during the night, it would be good to turn them on and unwind. 

3. Glass Vanity Box - Urban Outfitters

I absolutely absolutely love this. How cool does it look?! I've always been a fan of geometric shapes and I love the rustic bronze rim and the fact that it is transparent so you can see all the pretty jewellery/make up that you keep inside. This will add an amazing touch sitting either on the desk or on the shelf.

4. Wolf Cushion - Simons 

How awesome does this cushion look? Although the real wolf picture might look rather intimidating, I love how the wolves sort of blends in with the background and the white, blue, greyish colour scheme is just stunning. I also highly recommend you guys checking out the rest of Simons' home range (Simons Maison) because there's a few great items and more pillow prints!!

5. Bicycle Book End - Target

Book ends are not only good for keeping your text books and notebooks upright and organised, but they can also be a decorative item! I love the rustic, vintage look of this and just how cool it would look on the shelf.

These would be great decorative items on the desk and you can put loads of trinkets in these! Be it dainty pieces of jewellery or even as a key holder because I know I always throw them around and misplace mine.

Which of these decor items are your favourite? How do you personalise your room?

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