Sunday, 10 November 2013

OOTD // Aparecium

Cause I can't be serious all the time :D

tiger skirt: c/o Coco Fashion*
crop top: missguided 
denim jacket: bought second-hand at a bazaar (similar)
belt: factory outlet store (similar + similar
wedges: new look  (bought second hand on ebay) (similar + similar )
chain necklace: won in a giveaway - you can buy it here


This spell is used to reverse concealing charms, and can presumably render invisible ink visible 

 Latin apparere, meaning "to appear"; -ium and -cium are common Latin noun endings. 

Firstly, how gorgeous is that skirt? And for a mere US$ 8.44 too!
I was super duper happy when I received this tiger skirt from Coco Fashion! I thought it was a really unique print. The material is of superb quality. Although it did take a while to arrive... so if you don't mind that, then it's definitely value for $$$.

Secondly, excuse my flyaways - they're annoying and I didn't realize until later D:
My mum got me a denim jacket - something that I've been searching for ages - at a bazaar so I combined the two et...voila!

The past weeks have been really hectic with university applications and all that. hopefully things will die down soon! 

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