Saturday, 2 November 2013

October Catch Up + Hello, November

What happened this month:

- The boyfriend came back from England for 2 weeks for half term which made me super duper happy (:
- Must. Get. University. Applications. In.
- Made the huge decision of switching subjects
- Started watching Suits which meant that minimal work got done? Oops :/
- Hosted a joint giveaway with Ash @ A Beauty Moment - btw, the winner is Aimee Nagao!

October Catch-Up (Top 5)

1. Review // Deborah Milano Glossissimo in Shade 13
2. I did the Autumn Tag
3. OOTD // Avada Kedavra - gold mixed with black
4. The Perks of Being Petite
5. My favourite Ebay bargains this month!

Goals for November

- Get university applications in and hopefully (fingers crossed) receive offers :/
- Get more than 90% in my Maths test
- Get more exercise!!! Make a schedule and stick to it.

What are your goals/aspirations for the month?

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