Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wishlist Wednesday #10 // Ebay Bargains

I haven't done an eBay wishlist in...forever so since I have spent wayy too much time trawling through eBay, I thought it was only right that I made a wishlist - maybe your bank account won't thank me though :/

1. Leopard Print Short Sleeve Mini Dress - US$ 17.42 // £10.91

How cool yet quirky is this? Will definitely work for A/W if you pair it with a jacket and tights. The shift dress design makes this super comfy and you're sure to stand out with that kind of print!

2. Satchel - US$ 11.16 // £6.99

I've been trying to find a cheap one for ages! This one is not too expensive which is great. I think a satchel is a must because it's sturdy for studies, convenient for traveling and looks pretty cool too. This one comes in red, black and white as well, but I like the khaki one (:

3. Statement necklace - US$ 1.90 // £1.19

I've actually gone 'gaga' for them lately...and making a bit too many sneaky purchases...but at that price, how could I say no! It's amazing how a single item can transform your entire look!

4. Laser cut bag - US$ 16.99 // £10.64

The good thing about this is that you can shorten/lengthen the straps to either make it a clutch or a crossbody bag. I love the laser cut design and the colours go so well together!

5. Chiffon Side Split Maxi Skirt - US$ 7.41 // £4.64

You can never go wrong with black OR maxi skirts! Perfect for this time of year and I just think that they're super versatile for a lazy day or a formal event.

Which is your favourite bargain?

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