Monday, 21 October 2013

The Perks of being Petite

Get the perks of being a wallflower reference there? Heheh (:
Anyway, I've said it many times that I'm petite/fun sized/small. At 156cm (almost 5 ft 2), I'm probably the shortest one amongst all my friends and my younger sisters are quickly already catching up!
So although I do sometimes wish that I am a little taller, there are some perks of being petite ;)

1. You often always win at hide and seek

Simply because you can hide in all the tiny spaces that no one else would either a) be able to fit or b) think of looking. Score.

2. Looking younger than you actually are
Even though we don't all like to admit it, people correspond height with age and being petite just means that you can get away with being younger and look more youthful. It may not seem like a great thing now, being a teen, but I'm sure when I'm older I'll be grateful :D

3. You can get away with wearing mini skirts/dresses without looking skimpy

4. If anything is stuck under the bed or under the car, you've got no problem at all.

5. You're a great stalker
It's easier to hide from someone if you're petite and well, you won't be that easy to spot!

6. People are less likely to give you weird looks if you're playing at the playground or doing things that kids would normally do

7. You can shop in the kids section (via Ash @ A Beauty Moment)
Cheaper clothes? Yes please!

If you guys can think of anymore perks, do let me know in the comments below!

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