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Nail Trends for Fall 2013

One of the major accessories for women this season are their nails. You can update your fall look with dark neutrals like black or oxblood. You also can add a hint of metallic to your manicure, opt for nude tones or delve into the world of nail art and embellish your nails with glitter or crystals.

Here are some of the hot new nail trends you will see around town this fall from BluePromoCode.

1. Red nails are one of this season’s most popular colors. This fiery shade exudes style, femininity and personality. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer deep wine, dark or blood red, crimson or a more pastel tone, they will all go with the retro-inspired looks featured on this fall’s runways. We have found a good sampling of red polishes at stores like Bluefly.

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2. In the past, metallic colors have been the perfect choice for festive, elegant events. Now these eye-catching hues are showing up on the fashion scene in a big way. This season make way for a more modern take on metallics. Shimmering shades of silver, gold and bronze can stand alone or you can put them on over colors like butter or purple or top them off with a layer of lacquer. You can check out the latest in metallics at places like Nordstrom.

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3. Black is back! If you aren’t sure if the vamp and goth look is for you, you may want to try your “hand” at the new black nail polishes. Regardless of whether your nails are long or short, round or square, you can combine classy black black with your own favorite shades or lacquers to personalize your look.

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4.From milk to dark chocolate, this creamy nail color looks almost good enough to eat.The new chocolate hues compliment all skin tones and create a warm, sophisticated and effortless appearance. If you decide to wear chocolate polish be sure to keep your nails short and clean.

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5.If black seems too dark, you might want to try painting your nails navy. Known for being “universally flattering,” rich, dark navy is an attractive alternative to the more typical fall colors that doesn’t look heavy or outdated. To help make your fingers look longer when wearing navy lacquer, keep your nail length just past your fingertips with an oval shaped tip. We love the navy polishes found at ASOS.

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6. One of the hottest nail colors this fall is barely even a color. Nude shades not only flatter all skin tones, they also can hide chips and make your manicure look fresher, longer. When selecting a nude polish you should choose the one that most closely matches your skin tone. Light pink neutrals or milky hues are recommended for fair skin. Choose a nude polish with warm overtones if you have medium skin. Yellow undertones—even gold—are a good match for olive skin and orange or yellow undertones work best for dark skin.

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7.Painting your nails orange isn’t just for Halloween! If you aren’t ready to relinquish those bright summer colors try one of these slices of orange: pumpkin spice, tiger lilly, neon orange, jelly orange or coral.

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8. Take a walk on the wild side and embellish your nails with crystals, rhinestones, glitter, fimo slices, stickers or nail tatoos decals.

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