Tuesday, 15 October 2013

REVIEW // Deborah Milano Glossissimo (Shade 13)

Despite using lip glosses for a few years, I've slowly strayed away from them as I prefer more a more matte finish, but when I won a Deborah Milano lipgloss in a giveaway, I thought I'd give it a go.
Firstly, I must say that I love the name 'Glossissimo' - hard to remember how to spell, but it sounds like Mississippi and fun to say :D

What Deborah Milano says:

New Glossissimo boasts a high-performance formula that leaves lips lusciously luminous, silky soft and velvety smooth. The formula is also enriched with the moisturising, anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals  properties of Fruit of the Forest DH Complex, which forms a soft protective film over the lips that shields them from harmful UV radiation and leaves them feeling and looking soft, plump and velvety smooth. Hypoallergenic*.


Your standard lip gloss packaging that comes in a tube with an applicator. The tube is transparent so you can see what shade it is inside. I'm a bit bummed that they do not have cool shade names because 'Shade 13' is not very exciting!

I found the applicator hard to use because it's flat on both ends - almost like a spatula! Perhaps a more dome shaped one would be better?


Don't think the picture shows the shade that clearly due to the reflection, but I would describe Shade 13 as being a pinky-purple. At first, I thought it wouldn't suit me at all as bright colours and I do not mix, but it's not that bad. The pigmentation of this lip gloss is very good, is super glossy and it glides on smoothly. It is scented and smells like sweet cherry (artificial of course) which is not my favourite, but I don't really mind.

Like all lip glosses, this one is quite sticky...especially once you apply it! But if you wait for a while, the sticky-ness is reduced. Because of this, I'd say that it does live up to its 'leave lips looking soft and plump' claim. It also states that it protects your lips form UV rays, which although I can't test, it's still a good thing! 
This lip gloss did not dry out my lips and stayed for around 6 hours. Of course, over time, the glossiness begins to fade - but it leaves a nice stain.

Final verdict

Although this isn't a shade I would pick out myself, it's not bad for a lip gloss formula wise! Still a bit too sticky for my liking, but it does have great pigmentation and is super glossy. I will probably either wear this on its own when I'm feeling lazy, or over a layer of lipstick.
If I have one complaint, it would be the applicator!

Have you tried a lip gloss from this range?

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