Monday, 2 June 2014

Through the Lens #8

This week was a pretty damn awesome week, perhaps even the best yet - as you could probably tell from the pictures - because...I was at the beach getting tanned sunburned and frolicking in the sea! Anyway, I'm going to post more about my graduation trip when my friends have uploaded the pictures they took and I'll possibly steal borrow them :P But for now, here's a few pictures that I took to tantalize your travel-buds (yes, there are such things) #memories.
Also, is it just me, or do beaches have the most picturesque scenery?

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Perks of having no school, get to relax by the pool // Destination: Nha Trang! // Sun, sea, sand

Beach at sunrise // Life's a beach (sunglasses from eBay) // Who says you're ever too old for merry-go-rounds?

Sunset and the city behind it // Selfies with Fiona // THE restaurant of the trip #italianfood #foodie

Bye bye Vinpearl, bye bye Nha Trang // Touchdown: Saigon - it was an amazing week

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Graduation & Formal recap - no more high school, #classof2014!
What's in my bag? - for those of you that's a tad nosy and like to have a peek into my daily essentials!
Wishlist #27 : Summer Lovin' - think florals, shorts and flowy dresses!

If you've graduated lately, congratulations! Hope you all had a great week too (:

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