Saturday, 7 June 2014

May Haul // ASOS, eBay, Persunmall, Kiss The Sky & more...

Another month, a few things that I've got!

  I featured this in my wishlist 2 weeks ago! Denim shorts are the perfect thing to keep cool during summer, and what better way to do that than a pair of awesome flower printed ones to keep things from getting too boring? I love how the print is simple yet stands out amongst ordinary denim shorts. Pair it with crop tops on the beach, crochet items at a festival or button downs to look smart-casual! 

Mint scalloped hem tank top - eBay (US$8.31 // £4.95)

  Your basic tank top with a scalloped hem for added detail - good basic pieces are great when building a
foundation for your wardrobe of any season! What's not to love?

Angel cut out top - eBay (US$4.29 // £2.55)

  Front, looks like your average black tee. Back, the party just got started. Smexy angel wings cut outs means that
you show adequate amount of skin without going overboard! Wear this with a printed bandeau for added fun or
perhaps as a cover up at the beach? Also, this top is perfect if you've always dreamed of having angel wings...
be careful of that tan, your wish just might be granted ;)

Pink skater skirt - eBay (US$5.45 // £3.25) // Polka dot skirt - eBay (US$5.94 // £3.54)

  Simple skater skirts for everyday wear. The shade blush is becoming increasingly popular (or maybe I just like
that colour) and hey, polka-dotted anything is a winner.

High rise skinny jeans - New Look via ASOS (similar on New Look site here)

  I will take time to praise these pair of jeans because they are now my new favourite pair. I've been loving high-rise jeans lately because they're just so flattering, especially for those of you with a smaller waist in proportion because it emphasizes that (yay!). Anyway, these jeans are so comfy and fits perfectly. All my other 'high-rise' or 'high-waisted' jeans have always had the awkward gap at the waist which I hate, but these...cling at all the right places (insert starry-eyed emoji) Of course, I still have to cuff them because I'm tiny but nevertheless, love these.

Cami Crochet dress - Kiss The Sky via ASOS (US$22.86 // £12.00)

  I saw this on the ASOS site and knew that I had to get them! It looked so good on the model and it looks
even better on - the pictures do it no justice. I've always wanted a crochet-waisted (does that make sense?)
dress so...voila! It's definitely great for summer, going to the beach, music festival, sight-seeing...the works. And
it's so light and flowy that it won't take up much space/weight in your luggage (for those that tend to overpack me). Plus, the straps are adjustable which are always great (:

Leather trim asymmetric mini skirt - ASOS (US$14.29 // £7.50)

  I got this in case I needed one for more formal occasions and I was drawn to the leather trim! Your normal
bodycon skirt really but it's a wardrobe staple with a leather twist.

Map watch - eBay (US$2.75 /£1.64)

  Ahhh, the infamous map watch to satisfy (only ever so slightly) the travel-buds. This map watch has a very 
vintage vibe to it which makes it great for all occasions! Slightly peeved that there are no numbers on this watch
which makes telling time difficult...defeating it's purpose but for that price, I'll just get it to add to my collection
and because it has a bloody map of the world on it!

Wildfox inspired sunglasses - eBay (US$2.80 // £1.67)

  Perhaps not the most practical, but definitely the coolest ;)

Sunglasses - eBay (US$3.12 // £1.86)

Love these sunglasses, they fit well considering I have no nose bridge so they do stay up pretty alright! It also
comes with a sunglasses case (at least mine did) which is even better and you has space to store 2 pairs!

Jewellery - gifted by an aunt in New Zealand

  Thought I'd include these anyway because they're really lovely pieces of jewellery! I had a picture of the necklace up on my Instagram recently!

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in #107 - ASOS (US$10.46 // £5.49) // Maybelline Master Liner

  I've heard such good things of the Kate Matte Lipstick in #107 and I was in need of a plum/berry shade in my collection! So of course I picked that up. I also needed black eyeliner since I've been depending on my dark blue one for what seems like forever. I'll be reviewing these as well as a billion of other things I said I'd review real sooooon! I promise!

What have you picked up this May?

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