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June Haul // Forever21, eBay, LookBook Store & thrifting

Can you believe that we're halfway through 2014?! So surreal. I wonder if there'll ever be a month where I don't get anything...I think I'll be waiting for a while...Also, does anyone else think that Sherlock should have more than 3 episodes a season? Anyway, here are the bits and pieces that I got this month

Grey  Dress - eBay (US$10.13 // £5.91)

I wanted a simple 'shirt dress' for those easy casual holiday days and when I was browsing through eBay, this one caught my eye. I've always been a fan of the 'cold-shoulder' trend (which is huge right now) and I love the 'butterfly sleeves' (as they called it) so this one was a huge tick - very boho vibe too. It looks funky on the hangers right now, but trust me, it looks wayyy better on and you can have an idea of how it looks on the model hereeeee. Also, sorry for the amount of crinkles :/

Floral Crochet Top - Lookbook Store

Not sure whether this is classified as crochet or lace...but either way, I really liked it! It was reduced to US$8.80 in the sale so I had to get it. I've always loved crop tops and although this one isn't as crop as I imagined and I could've done with a size smaller, I still really like it! The top half is lined so you won't be flashing any undergarments to anyone and the intricate cut-outs just seals the deal for me.

Wandering Whimsy Crochet Cami - Forever21 (US$10.80 // £8.75)

I love love love this top, simply because I don't have anything like it - not the colour or the design. I'm putting this dusky pink shade on my favourite colours list now :') As you can tell from the pictures, the top has a very  very very low armhole which means a bandeau or colourful bralette/bra is needed - something that should be no problem this summer, especially during festival season! What I love most about this (apart from the super low armhole) is the lace hem at the bottom that gives it a little something-something.


I was initially drawn to the tribal-like pattern and the mix of colours which I found really unique. I also quite like the cage neckline and the high-low style. Although it doesn't quite look like what I expected on, I think it'll look really good with shorts or jeans, and it is especially summery too.

Stripe crop top - Forever21 (£5)

Stripes are one of my favourite prints (if you can even call it a print) and I just love how classy it looks, and how versatile it is. You can pair it with anything and for any season. Therefore, I knew I needed a stripe crop top! Although the straps are are a bit longer than I would've wanted, I think I can make it work.

Stripe maxi skirt - Forever21 (£10.50)

I don't know why, but the stripes look so funky on photograph D: 
Anyway, this is my stripe and maxi obsession rolled into one. This is made out of cotton (?) so it's figure hugging and has a single slit at the side. I've always thought that stripe maxis are the image of summer and just looks more casual and day-time appropriate than 'normal' maxis. I got a M, but I probably could've gone for a size smaller because I like my skirts high waisted (:

Black maxi skirt - grandmother's

This maxi skirt is actually my grandmother's so you can say that it's proper vintage :P She said she doesn't wear it often so I'm its new owner! I already own a black maxi skirt but this one is different because it doesn't have a slit but a very nice lace scallop hem at the bottom. Also, I don't think the camera picked it up very well, but there's a slight floral emboss effect on the skirt which I thought was a nice touch.

Basic white tee - Forever21 (US$3.80 // £3)

Everyone needs a basic tee and this white one is a huge staple item and can be paired with virtually anything. Although I wished I have gotten a larger size because I like it looser and slightly oversized.

Not quite sure what these are...a hybrid between a sports bra and a crop top? It looks relatively crop, but it's really not...past bra-length...does that make sense? :P The pink and yellow ones are much much more brighter in person - almost like highlighter coloured.

The infamous caged bralette that I've seen everywhere this summer. This would be really good to wear with low armhole tops or even low/backless dresses/shirts because you can have the little caged effect peeking through and somehow, that always looks good. I originally wanted something more neutral like black, white or grey...but they ran out so burgundy was the next best thing.

Diamond iPhone case - eBay (US$8.28 // £4.83)

  My phone case arrived this month and I was super duper happy! My iPhone has suffered countless scratches that it's unbelievable. I adore this case I got from headcase designs and despite it's cheap price tag (super duper win) the quality is 100% and the printing of the design is amazinggg - so I highly recommend that seller! I reckon they have the best case designs ever. I really want to get this constellation one now. The sides are transparent though so whatever colour your phone is, it won't look funky. Also, the iPhone doesn't only sell iPhone cases, but also Nokia, Samsung amongst others - just look through.

I featured this on my Instagram a while back. This is just a bedazzled hair clip that I thought would be nice to wear in my hair for dressier occasions.

What have you bought this June?
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