Monday, 14 July 2014

Life's Snapshots #12

  Can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I posted an Instagram round-up kind of post. The last 2 weeks has been a blast. Well, the first not much so because it was kinda mundane...but then this week...all hell broke loose (not really) because a bunch of friends from abroad came back to visit! Cue daily outings, dinners, bowling, movies and all that kind of goodness. Last Sunday, was also the day my IB results came out. I was incredibly paranoid for the entire day (until 7:15pm) but that's another story for another time. On Saturday, I also went to Escape which is a cross between a music festival and a concert. Although the event was a tad muddy for my liking, the atmosphere was great and hey, I saw Sean Kingston live! Considering no one good ever comes to Vietnam, it's an achievement.

  Also, I managed to get up at the ungodly hour of 2am to watch the World Cup Finals! First time I do this willingly for a football match..and this one lasted 3 hours :P But I'm the kind of person that likes keeps up with these kind of things and I even did my fair share of football news reading :D Anyway, it was such an intense match! Huge congratulations to Germany for winning, but I thought Argentina put up such a great fight and it was incredibly unlucky on their part - the many chances they had! Glad that Messi received the Golden Ball award though, he deserved it...and I just wanted to go all the way to Brazil and console him because he looked incredibly disappointed (naturally).

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Sister made the tastiest gingerbread cookies // A Tuesday morning selfie // Colour co-ordinated M&Ms 

Result of colour co-ordinated M&Ms: chocolate cake with peanut butter & dark chocolate frosting // <3 these sunglasses (get them here// A lazy day today

being healthy with guacamole & juice // them arcade foxes that no one will be able to get // Arcade before results are out? Why not.

it always helps to have a little bit of faith // that night was crazy - saw Sean Kingston live! // yes, I think I will have a break and have a kit kat

just watched the world cup finals and now since it's 5am...I sleep

  And that was a huge ramble. Anyway, I'm heading off to Malaysia on Wednesday and then...*drum roll* Japan on Sunday for which I'm super excited about so hopefully I will have some posts queued and tons to blog about when I'm back! Of course, keep up with my adventures and all that good stuff over at my Instagram or Twitter!

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