Sunday, 16 February 2014

Through the Lens #3

If you can't tell, the recurring theme in this week is food, food and more food...oh and, I have a sweet tooth - a really big one. I think that goes to show how much I really need to work out and hit the gym :P

one. getting ready to shoot for my Vday series which I've been posting throughout the week! Start with the first post here.
two. strawberry jello + strawberry sorbet = best treat ever.
three. ...okay, maybe chocolate chip cookies are ever so slightly better
four. geddit, geddit? ;)
five. cupcakes make the world go round - especially red velvet ones on Valentine's Day!
six. for my friend's 18th birthday, I was indecisive and had a choice of 4 outfits. Posted them up on Facebook and asked you guys to choose and...this one came up top!
seven. red lips are really starting to grow on me!
eight. red nails to match the red lips and well, Valentine's Day :')
nine. there's never a reason not to have Subway cookies!

The Craziest Paradigm's posts this week:

'Outfit // Roses are Red' - An outdoors/picnic date? This simple look has got you covered
'Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Homemade Edition' - Whether your guy is creative, a DIY-er or has a sweet tooth, sometimes the best gifts are handmade and homemade straight from the heart
'Outfit // X's and O's' - Keep cosy and comfy even when you're indoors, bowling or at the movies with this look!
'Outfit // Moulin Rouge' - Besides me loving this outfit name, this is the classic romantic dinner date look. Super simple yet effective ;)

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