Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hello February, Goodbye January

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The middle number in the section that tells me the date on my desktop toolbar strikes 2. It's February! Can you believe that we're entering the 2nd month in the year 2014 - seems like New Year's Eve was just a few days ago! Time, you pass damn fast.


January was a busy busy busy month, yet is the month I spent the least time in school :P After Christmas break, I had mock exams so there was study leave for a week (the only good thing about exams). Exams didn't go too bad, got the results I wanted for now, but I hope to do much better in the real thing! Right afterwards, was moving to our new place - a slightly smaller apartment as opposed to a house, but with more rooms which makes my sisters happy people, but that also means days of packing, moving boxes, discovering things that you lost aeons ago and throwing away unwanted junk...things like that. The new place also has the most gorgeous view which I showed on my Twitter. When decor for my new room comes, I'll be sure to put pictures up! Then after that, went back to Malaysia for Lunar New Year celebrations! Again, snapshots will be up ;)
Blogwise, I tried to incorporate more lifestyle and beauty posts as well as getting my lazy arse up and out to get more outfit shots! I also reached the big 1000 followers - again, thank you guys a million times! I promise that a giveaway will be running very soon to celebrate that when I'm not that busy (:
Oh and, I overused the word 'whimsical', teeeheee

What I hope February will bring

Once I get back to school, it's full steam ahead. Older readers might remember me attempting to complete the 30 Day Ab Challenge which well...didn't surpass a week... :/ Due to me eating one thousands too many junk food, I will try my absolute best to stick to an exercise schedule, resume that ab challenge, sleep earlier (read: before midnight...or 1am on the weekends) and get in loads of revision hours cause my next exam is the big one O.o
So here's my bloggy recap of the 1st month in 2014 - to old readers, you can do some catching up & to new ones, welcome! (:

Outfits of January:
Radiant Orchid // Clarity // Wingardium Leviosa

Wishlists of January:
Monochromatic // A lil' bit of whimsicality // In my baskets

Reviews of January:
Eternal Girl - Hamsa Earrings // Velvetine in Red Velvet // #PrairieXmas

Lifestyle Posts of January:

Random posts of January:

Hope January was a great month for all of you too!

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