Tuesday, 7 January 2014

This is it, the end of Christmas holidays

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I did not originally plan on writing this post but... I obviously changed my mind :P 
I start school tomorrow which means Christmas holidays are over - Term 2 is about to begin... I'm not that excited to be honest. Especially since the boyfriend left to go back to England today and I won't be seeing him for another 3 months (give or take)...so today was a double whammie.
Don't get me wrong, my friends are the only good thing there - but I just hate the workload, stress and all that kind of shiz that school brings which significantly depletes my energy levels. Especially since it's my final year and I've got mocks in about...5 days and the real exams in about 5 months. So teachers will no doubt be pushing us even harder.

I've been relatively productive during this 3 weeks...got most of my revision done but I still have my TOK essay due on Thursday and the book Antigone to read for English by Friday...both of which I've been putting off due to my lack of motivation and master at procrastination. I guess that's where the quote comes in. Something which I should definitely adhere to since my exams = super important = university D: D: All that pressure!

Due to limited sleep and more deadlines, this also means that blog posts may be less frequent...although I'll try my hardest! Here's to months of revision and non stop work. Hopefully I'll gather up some motivation and stop putting things I dislike doing off...cause it'll just bite me right back in the ass. sigh I never do learn, do I. Oh, the life of a student.

Wish me luck in my mock exams! (:

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